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KPop Fan Service: Here’s Why Fans Enjoy It

Skinship, or physical intimacy, is not an uncommon sight among KPop stars. This usually comes in the form of holding hands, an arm over the shoulders, or even hugging. These acts are considered as KPop fan service by fans and many go wild when their idols are touchy-feely with each other.

Idols’ bromance or womance usually signify a close relationship. In a group, there is always one member who initiates the PDA. The reaction of the receiver is to either return it or make funny faces, which amuses a lot of fans. However, physical contact is not the only fan service idols do. Check out these acts that idols do that drive fans wild!

Other forms of KPop Fan Service

KPop fan service can be seen during concerts, fan meetings, and music shows. However, there are some idols who can provide fan service anytime and anywhere.

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Idols are public figures, so it is no surprise that fans follow them no matter where they go. These idols respond back to their fans with cute and funny gestures whenever a fan is in front of them or captures them on camera. Some would pose, do funny faces, or take the fan’s phone and take a picture of themselves or with the fan.

There are some idols who took fan service to a whole new level. During Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014, BTS’ Jimin ripped off his shirt during a dance battle with Block B’s U-Kwon and B-Bomb. BIG BANG’s Taeyang performed shirtless with G-Dragon in the same event.

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Why Fans Enjoy It

Keeping the fans happy is an important thing for all artists. The fans are the reason why these celebrities are famous in the first place. There are some artists, like Justin Bieber, who banned fans from taking pictures or doing skinship with them. However, KPop fan service is always aimed at the fans and making them happy so that they will stay in the fandom for a long time.

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