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Job Interview Tips: How to Stop Fidgeting Even When You’re Nervous

One of the most stressful things to go through is a job interview. There is so much anxiety and pressure to say the right things to impress the interviewer. Many talk about making so many goof ups owing to the anxiety that builds up.

Look at a job interview waiting line, commons sights are clenched fists, shaky legs, and restless hand movements. Successful interviews have to do with a lot of confident body language. A confident and calm posture of the body gives a very good impression to the interviewer.

Job Interview Tips: Make that Fidgeting Stop

The most prominent sign of nervousness is fidgeting. Be it hands or feet, the fidgety behavior can put your interviewers off during a job interview. One of the mistakes that occur during an interview is displaying nervous body language.

Amanda Augustine from The Ladders suggests interviewees to stop fidgeting. She adds, “The nervous energy will distract the interviewer. You want (him or her) focused on what you have to say, not the coins jingling in your pocket or the hangnail on your finger,” reports Forbes.

Tips to Stop Fidgeting in an Interview

One of the most helpful exercises to take care of the nervous energy is to breathe. Inhaling and exhaling deeply reduces the stress in one’s body. A good time to do breathing exercises is before the interview and while waiting for your chance.

As much as coffee seems like the answer to all the problems, it is not the answer before an interview. The last thing to load on is coffee or intake of any form of excess sugar. To maintain blood sugar levels, a good wholesome and natural meal.

Another tip is to clasp your hands tight under the table. But don’t let this exercise stop you from freely moving your hands when needed. When not necessary, let your hands rest under the table, rest it on your lap. Ace your job interview by practicing these exercises. After all, who doesn’t feel good to do well in an interview.

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