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Jindows: This Trend Is Hardly Jean-ius But Still Fun

Jindows- wondering what this is about? Add these two words Jeans and Windows and let your imagination go wild! Well, back up, not too wild. So jindows is the new fashion trend that is ready to leave everyone confused about its existence.

Jindows or also called clear knee mom jeans is actually on sale in Nordstrom. The year 2016 gave the world fashion trends like Yeezy’s sock boots, the jacket that cannot be propped up on the shoulders. The present year is giving us Jeans with Windows!

Who Is Jindows Going To Benefit?

For starters, this whole concept is going to help those who don’t want to spend money buying jeans for every season. So if you have ample amount of torn jeans, just make into jindows and wear during all seasons. The fashion trend has a more technical name to it- clear knee mom jeans. We wonder why it is targeted to moms only.

The jeans is not going to be an easy buy. It comes for a price of US$ 95. It didn’t take much time for people to make the trend into a meme. Many refused to believe any reason for such an apparel to have an existence in this world.

From chants of “I Hate This” to “ I Support This”, Twitteratti looked totally lost to give a final verdict. Some even went on to say that this invention signifies the end of the world. The only group not complaining about is the inventor Topshop. They will definitely be happy about the publicity their product is already gathering.

Take A Look At Some Twitter Reactions:

Topshop has been notorious in bringing some weird fashion statements to pass. A look at their website and one will not be sure what to think about Tulle Skirt Jeans. This is basically a tulle skirt over jeans. They take their jeans business very seriously. TopShop has attempted to bring embroidered jeans back in style, they also have something like Man Repeller Jeans.

Source: TopShop

It all comes down to the fact that if one has the courage to carry it off in public. Don’t be surprised if few heads turn (mostly for the wrong reasons) if you wear a pair of jindows and decide to take walk in the park or do your grocery chores. After all, who minds having a few heads turn right?

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