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The Internet Troll Logic: Thin Line Between the Trolls and the Trolled

Internet trolling is more or less a part of the mundanities of life. In the vast realm of internet, one can troll someone and vice-versa!

Before plunging into the argument on the pitfalls and perks of internet, one has to self-evaluate, for starters. How far are we going to play along to someone’s internet troll? Most of the netizens neither have the patience nor the temperament to entertain a troll. In the same vein, the ones who take to trolling others have reasons of their own. No one really wins, but everyone has a thing or two to lose. That is indeed what brings us to a recent study on the subject which brings odd premonitions.

Internet Troll: Study; Debate

Huffington Post reports a recent eclectic survey that sheds light on the daily phenomenon that goes unspoken. Also, trolling is part and parcel of the internet today to an extent that an user can’t miss it. The irony lies in the relative change in position of the troll and the trolled, almost without a hitch. In a recent research involving 667 participants from all walks of life, various aspects came to light.

For example, the tendency or inclination to troll someone has direct connection to one’s mood at that juncture. Case in point, the participants were given a set of questions to answer – some difficult, some easy. Subsequently, the partisans were instructed to read an article. The article in question was on a sensitive issue and had comments section for opinions.

Turns out, the ones who faced a difficult questions earlier were prone to troll someone more than the ones who had it easy. A whopping 68 percent of the people acted as trolls themselves, while few of them took a neutral stance. Besides, the research establishes that people are likely to troll late night or early on in the week. By and large, people’s state of mind had everything to do with their ability to troll someone.

Internet Troll: Plague-like

Another vital aspect to comprehend here is the transmittable factor. Someone stumbles upon a fat-shaming post, doesn’t like it and before long – war of words follows. Anonymity being another culprit in the world wide web, the identity of the troll and the trolled remains obscure at times. In contrast to that, people with genuine names and pictures are as likely to take part.

Despite the social-media sites’ efforts to take down offensive content, trolling incidents are routine. In another aspect that is oddly satisfying, trolls have a high chance of being trolled. The act of trolling swings both ways, it seems. However, the practice of trolling and being trolled is seemingly a perpetual process. No dire consequences in most cases, but it has the ability to add fuel to a pre-existing fire. A fire that can can’t be put out.

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