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How Important Is “Status” For Millennials And Social Media?

How do we begin to understand millennials and social media? The fact is, you cannot disassociate these two. Millennials are social media, and vice versa.

Millennials grew up in the digital age. There is no generation in society now more connected to the internet than millennials. They do everything on the internet—research academically, fall in love, communicate, build friendships, create reputations, build an image, etc.

Millennials and social media: The struggle for “branding” and “status”

If there’s one thing that millennials and social media can tell us, it’s that this generation is addicted to branding and to their “social status.” The “image” is important, even more so when you’re trying to be the most popular and the most envied among your social class.

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In a recent study, it has been found out that 93% of millennials access the internet. This caused marketing strategies to be immediately drawn up specifically targeting this group. How can you sell a brand to this image-conscious generation?

If you check the statuses and the postings of most millennials, you’ll find a similar pattern. There are two things they do best—make it seem like they have the perfect life or let others “see” that their lives are full of drama (when it actually don’t).

On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, the common things posted are these—travel photos, memes about celebrities, fashion, food, places they hang out in, work/school rants, and boyfriend/girlfriend dedications. If you’re a social marketing strategist, it is easy enough to decode how to sell a product or a service to millennials—offer them something “exclusive,” something their friends haven’t tried before.

Social statuses depend on social media

In many places, social media statuses make up the actual social status of a millennial. That is why we try so hard to go to a unique coffee shop even though we don’t drink actual (black) coffee. This is the reason why we try many different extreme activities when they actually scare the hell out of us.

If there’s one good thing that this social media branding created, it’s a self-conscious generation. Never have we seen a generation more conscious about how others see them than millennials. How is this beneficial?

Millennials are more careful about how they act around their elders. They are more conscious about getting good grades and graduating in time. Millennials also want to work harder because they want to reach their goals and compete with their peers.

They save money because they have to have the latest gadget or travel to exotic destinations. Millennials strive more because they need to update their social media statuses. The competition is tougher now, yes, but millennials are doing their best to rise to the occasion.

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