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If You’re Ready For Marriage But Your Partner Isn’t: What To Do

Why aren’t you two getting married yet? You look over to your partner hoping he gives a positive response like, ‘in six months or a year.’ Unfortunately, he quickly changes the subject like a magic. End of discussion.

Every month, a friend of yours or his friend walks down the aisle and profess their love. You start to wonder, when’s my turn? For every special celebration, you wait for your boyfriend to get down on one knee and say the magic words: ‘Will you marry me?’

Unfortunately, he won’t. Well, not yet because he still has a lot on his plate: climbing the steep ladder of success and making loads of money. You admire his plan, but where do you fit in his goal?

Talk About Your Future

If you want to get a clearer picture, ask him. It’s the new millennium already and women can ask men why aren’t they proposing yet. It does not sound ‘magical’ yes but if you want to know whether his future has you in it, you have to ask.

Can’t ask him directly? Subtly drop the marriage topics in your dinner conversations. Ask him what he thinks about having a family anytime soon. This will give you an idea where is marriage in his timeline.

Do Not Succumb To Peer Pressure

More often than not, we watch advertisements that brainwash us to start a family now. Before you start sketching for your wedding dress, ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to get married?’

If friends pressure you that you need to walk down that aisle ASAP, stop right there. You have to understand that you need to come up with a better reason. This is because marriage is a lifetime commitment and will always be a work in progress. The label is not just a fad, marriage is a binding contract that tells you to stay together forever as long as you both shall live.

Can You Wait?

Studies show that women mature quicker than men. Whilst you are ready to start the new chapter of your life, your boyfriend is not on the same page. This does not mean you have to wait forever for him to finally come to his senses and tell you that he wants to get married.

Going back to the first point, communicate about the timeline. He may have a vision of where he wants to be a few years down the line. Maybe in five years, he plans to settle down because he has a more established career and he has saved enough for your future.

If you can wait, why not? Going out to the dating scene is a situation you may not want to dip your hands into after being in a long-term relationship. Enjoy your time together. Cultivate the relationship you both have. If you are meant to be together, you will end up getting married as per both your terms.

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