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How To Dump Someone Who Loves You Quick And Easy

How to dump someone you once loved with all your heart? How do you break the heart of the person who worships the ground you walk on? It’s never going to be an easy decision, though there are ways to arrive at a solution quickly and without hurting anyone else.

Isn’t breaking up with someone almost as bad as getting dumped? Okay, maybe not, but you got what we were trying to say. If you try to remember all the moments you have spent with each other, you will never say these words: “I think we need to break up.”

How To Dump Someone: Ask Yourself A Million Times

Ask yourself again and again: Do I want to leave this person behind and move on with my life? How to dump someone is never an easy decision. You have to ask yourself a million and one times if you’re not happy and you think you’re better off alone.

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Sure, there will be times when you’ll backtrack on your move. Just when you thought you’re ready to move on, your partner is going to do something that will remind you what a great guy he is. Then, you’re back on step one.

It doesn’t help, of course, if your boyfriend is such a great guy. When your parents have started to love him and treated him as their own, that makes breaking up suck even more. If your friends are all rooting for you to end up together, how would you tell them you’re not happy anymore?

But if you’re really not happy and you think it’s not just a phase, then you should start determining how to break up with him. The most “humane” thing to do is to just tell him outright. There is no need for you to dilly-dally when you’re just going to break his heart anyway.

It’s Never That Easy

Remember, you don’t only have to be ready for breaking up with him. You also have to break up with his friends, parents, his dog, his siblings, and all the activities you do together. You’ve got to move on from that phase in your life and look ahead.

Hurting someone because you’re not happy with him anymore is never going to feel okay. It’s never going to be fair either. You will feel sucky most of the time, but time heals all wounds, they say.

Little by little, you’ll realize that you made the right decision. How to dump someone is a tough decision, but you have to be as fair as you can to yourself and your ex.

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