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How and When Do You Say It’s Over: Will Breaking Up Over Text Ever Be Fine

There is a very popular saying which goes like this: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. But is it easier said than done? Saying It’s Over is probably the most difficult thing one has to do. Doing it through text might even be tempting — but, don’t. Ever.

What are the signs? When does one know it’s time to say It’s Over? Happiness is not something that stays constant in any relationship. Every relationship goes through its share of highs and lows. However, it is important to know when it is healthy to move on.

Major Signs Before You Say It’s Over

Your Partner Becomes Inconsiderate

No, we are not talking about not doing the mushy things together. A partner being inconsiderate means he or she is not able to see you through your situations. It means they care less about what’s going on with you. All of us crave companionship, and if a companion cannot support us, should they have a place in our life at all?

Your Partner Starts Lying

Transparency is one of the foundations of a strong relationship. When you catch your partner lying more times than one, take it as a warning sign. When your partner finds the need to hide things from you, a major fundamental rule is flouted. May be that’s the time to say, It’s Over.

Your Partner Makes No Effort to Spend Time with You

A relationship blossoms when partners spend quality time with each other. No matter how short or long the relationship has been, devoting time to each other is important. Investing time in a relationship communicates “You are important to me”.

How Do You Say It’s Over?

Breaking up can be a messy business. The timing, the mood has to be just right for the dreadful conversation. Golden rule of break-ups is never ever doing it via text messages. Messaging to break up with your partner is the last way one would want to end a relationship. The ideal way to deal with a break-up is having an adult conversation and bringing out issues that caused the separation.

Every soul craves for appreciation and acceptance. It is not selfish to expect the one who you love to appreciate and accept who you are.

Image Source: Giphy

Image Source: Giphy

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