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Here’s Why You Should Practice Having A Resting Bitch Face

Ladies with a resting bitch face will understand that people will always misinterpret their mood. However, some have learned to cope with the curse and turned it into a blessing. Many now look at having an RBF as a new way of life.

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At first, having an RBF looks more troublesome than it is a blessing. It’s hard not to think so since the sole reason that having an RBF means that you have a face that would intimidate people. However, TrippedMedia will show you that an RBF gives you more perks than burden.

A Resting Bitch Face Makes People Think That You Are Not To Be Messed With

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People think that a resting bitch face hints that the person has a serious personality. Because of this, people wouldn’t want to mess with you and they think you’re a person who fights back once scorned.

You Will Make Catcallers Shut Up With Just One Look

Flashers, catcallers all have insecurities in themselves which is why they do the things they do. Which is why a straight look into their eye with a poker face will make them feel their own insecurity. And who does this better than a person with an RBF?

No One Can Beat You At The Poker Face Game

If you have an RBF, you’re probably the best accomplice for a prank. Your face doesn’t give the joke away, not even the surprise.

People Call You With Honorifics

An RBF gives you an authoritative look. People think you are an authority when you pass by because you have that look that you’ve got everything under control.

People Make Way For You


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Just like how Regina George and the gang of mean girls passed by their halls, people stare and give you way to pass. This means that you’ll be smooth sailing against the crowd.

People Do What You Ask

So long as you ask people in a nice manner with your RBF, people immediately think that what you are asking needs urgency. It’s not being bossy, but you will give off the feeling of being sincere when asking a favor.

Nobody Can Get You Down

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Because of your resting bitch face, when people try to insult you, you don’t bat an eye thus making them upset instead. Shades thrown at you backfire at people who get you down. Embrace your resting bitch face, it’s a proof of your strength without you even trying.

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