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Why Happy Couples Don’t Post About Themselves On Social Media

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine would always post about her and her boyfriend’s escapades on social media. Many were envious of their relationships, both in the positive and the negative aspect of things. Then suddenly, the postings stopped and we found out that they broke up.

“Oh, why didn’t they post about their breakup, too? We deserve to know,” a friend said callously. I realized then why I never want to post anything about my relationship—because it ends up on other people’s dining tables. We become a topic everyone wants to discuss.

Happy Couples Don’t Have To Prove Themselves

Social media validates what you should know about your relationship—that you are happy to be together. No photo, video, posts, comments, or likes should tell you otherwise. You are not required to have that feeling validated by your Facebook friends, too.

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Happy Couples Don’t Have Ttime To Take Photos

When you are truly having a good time, you won’t have time to take photos of you and your partner. You’ll be so lost in the moment that you won’t even think about getting your camera or your smartphone to snap a photo. Do you ever think about Facebook when you’re giggling together at something you’re watching?

Couples who are truly happy together enjoy each other’s company so much. They think photos won’t do justice how they feel at that time. Props to your friends who’ll shot a stolen one of you two, though.

Couples Who Do No Post On Social Media Argue Less

There are so many arguments that social media can cause. When you post less about your relationship, you tend to argue less because you are focused on making it work in real time and not virtually.

When you are not posting about the happy times, you will certainly not post about the bad times, too. This is important if you want your relationship to last.

Happy Couples Don’t Nneed To Convince Themselves

When you post endlessly on social media, you are trying to convince people of your happiness. You want them to “like” or “comment” something nice on your posts or photos. You want them to envy you and your relationship.

When a couple is genuinely happy, they don’t need to seek validation in order to convince themselves about their happiness. Social media lose its appeal because the couple knows how they feel and they don’t need to convince anyone else.

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