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Why Young People Should Give Donald Trump A Chance

The frenzy is over. Time for America to comprehend its new-found state of affairs and give Donald Trump the benefit of doubt.

Millennials do make up for a substantial electoral college. Before the 2016’s US Presidential election, Hillary commanded the trust of young people. Even now, it was indeed Hillary who would have been the President if only youngsters had a say in the elections. Clinton would have won around 504 electoral college votes as opposed to Trump’s 23, a report claims. Regardless, it’s essential that young people get into terms with their current predicament and have Trump’s back. Donald Trump might have their back some time down the road.

Donald Trump And Millennials

It’s no surprise that most of the Anti-Trump rallies comprises of millennials. They never had a penchant for him, anyway. Matter of fact, he had their disdain. There is general perception that millennials are democratic or liberal, mostly – something that manifested during Obama’s election campaign in 2012. The same didn’t hold true for Obama’s protégé that is Hillary Rodham Clinton. She could only amass 51 percent of young votes – contrary to what Obama did in 2012. Where did the votes go?

Of course, some millennials went on to vote for Trump, earning him an unexpected 37 percent of total youth votes. Some of them thought it best to ‘Netflix-and-chill’ rather than vote for a rabble-rouser or a vixen, for that matter. Besides, Trump isn’t a per se Republican. He’s not the one to mince words, scandalously businessman-like, uses Twitter and contemplates job proliferation. So, why not?

Why To Believe In Trump

Trump’s pro-business convictions will almost certainly increase job opportunities. Considering there is 13 percent unemployment rate, unemployed millennials can find a talisman in Trump soon. Additionally, Trump is cutting deals with companies like Ford and Carrier to accommodate more jobs. Also, he has set the ball rolling to reduce the corporate tax rate to 15 percent – a welcoming proposition in business sector.

Youngsters are weary of the conventional politics involving deception, third party announcements and unfulfilled promises. Perhaps, Donald Trump begs to differ in this respect. He has brought transparency, tweets his plans directly to the people and doesn’t shy away from a controversial subject.

An aberration is good once in a while too. He doesn’t seem like someone who would do incomplete job like Obama did in Syria. Countries like Russia, Japan and India are in his good books, which is a security in itself. Now that he’s the one sitting in the Oval office, millennials’ best bet is to have his back. Not sure if he’ll make America great again, but won’t govern in a masquerade of liberalism.

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