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Is Ghosting In Relationships The New Sexy

The debate on the practice of ghosting among people in relationships is a tricky one. It says something about the ghoster as much as it says about the ghosted.

First things first, ghosting is a practice of ending a personal relationship abruptly, without any explanation and withdrawing from all means of communication. By all means, withdrawing from communication involves blocking a person in platforms like phone call, messaging and mailing services. The party at the receiving end has no clue whatsoever. By the time they reestablish contact, the ghoster will have moved on to greener pastures. The ghosted party is wrecked for the obvious reasons, but hey, some have only their misdemeanors to blame.

Ghosting: Introduction

Relationships aren’t always meant to last long. Sometimes, it’s best that don’t. Thanks to some of the abominable folk out there, practices such as this come up. Vox cites the example of Charlize Theron and Sean Penn’s relationship, when the former employed the same approach. After a handful number of his relationships bit dust, Sean Penn got into one with Charlize Theron. An actress equally as talented as he is, but they couldn’t arrive on the common ground with other issues.

Lest you forget, Penn has his fair share of misdemeanors from the past. Unlike his exes, Charlize didn’t take to conventional way of parting, instead she just blocked him off. Now, Sean, for his part, tried to establish a contact, but she was long gone. Nobody knows the real story behind their split, but it was indeed Charlize who had the last laugh. Call it outrageous or an avante-garde trend, but the truth is that it is rampant currently.

Everything is right in the paradise and next thing you know, the ghoster takes off. The contempt lies in the fact that the one who is ghosted has lot of thinking to do. Not only he/she has to comprehend the reason behind it, but also has to decide the next course of action. Besides, the question of trying to reestablish contact pops up. However, in most of the ghosting cases, there’s no room for further contact.


Relationships can be simply physical, intimate or plain platonic, of course. In the case of short-span hook-ups and purely physical liaisons, chances of being ghosted are aplenty. It was someone looking for some fun at the expense of other person, to say the least. It can distress someone for a day or two and before long, it is merely a bad experience. Nothing more. The emotional health takes a toll in case of intimate, platonic and robust relationships.

Horrifying as it comes, to ghost a long-term friend or a partner is relatively a common practice today. So many people have had first-hand experiences of being ghosted after knowing the ghoster for ages. Not only does this wreck someone, but also puts their life’s work at jeopardy. Some people who gets ghosted might deserve it too. One cannot simply deny it, of course. Welcome to the brave new world!

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