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Ghosted Dating: How Do You Know You’re Being Ghosted

If you haven’t been following what millennials are up to now on the internet, you might have missed a new term they have concocted—ghosted dating. Basically, being ghosted means someone you’re dating suddenly turned cold on you—they didn’t text, call, or say goodbye. When that happens, welcome to the millennial world because you have just been ghosted.

Ghosting happens when someone doesn’t want to continue seeing another person romantically, but dislikes confrontation. It’s a coward’s way out, that’s for sure, but it seems to be working pretty well for people.

Zero Communication Means You’re A Victim Of Ghosted Dating

Realizing that you have fallen to the ghosted dating trap is pretty straightforward, even if the act itself is cowardly. If you texted your date but received zero reply even though you can see on their social media that they are well and alive, then you’ve been ghosted. You may give it a couple of days, but it all boils down to one thing.

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Deletion From All Social Media

You’ve been stalking them on social media but suddenly, you can’t see their profiles anymore? What happened? We’re sorry to say, but you have just been ghosted.

This is a little bit tricky because it may happen before or after you were ghosted. The only way to investigate is to search for their names on your friends list or followers. If they are not there, and you know you did not delete them, then you know what happened.

Busy For You

This is a subtle way of being ghosted. They still reply to your texts and calls, but they do it hours after. They’ll give some lame reason like: “Sorry, I was busy.”

Don’t be surprised if in the next days, you will not receive even lame excuses. Instead, your messages will be seen but not replied to. Or, they won’t even read your messages.

Ending Conversations Abruptly

There was a time when you couldn’t get enough of talking with each other. The hours passed by without either of you two noticing it. But now, you noticed that they are suddenly uninterested and unenthusiastic when conversing with you.

They also end your conversations abruptly because they have to run some errands or do some mundane things. This is a surefire sign that you’re about to be ghosted.

When you’re a victim of ghosted dating, there’s no way around it but to just accept what happened. Look at the positive side. At least now, you know that some people are just not worth it.

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