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The Future of Sex: Possibilities In A Brave New World!

Future of sex sums up where humanity stands in innovation. Turns out, the developments are robust on all fronts.

The contemporary sexual zeitgeist is not devoid of challenges ranging from physical and emotional to the geographic constraints. The future of sex, however, is heading in a direction where technology has a big hand. The prospects look so good that it might shake the foundations of the conventional order of things.

The Future of Sex: The Possibilities

A prediction report from the Future of Sex website hints at what science has in store. Case in point, humanity might embark on a technology-driven sexual practices just a decade down the road. Bizarre and outlandish as it comes, the possibility cannot be denied, of course. Here is a look at five possible phenomenon in the future.

Geographical barrier shouldn’t stop anyone from establishing a sexual intimacy with their partners by 2025. 3D-printed body parts will break into the scene which resembles the partner and gives touch feedback too. Not only does this provide near-realistic intimacy, but also makes up for the long-distance detachment. The recent kissing devices are just a straw in the wind in this regard.

Virtual reality and fantasy will provide the partisans with the opportunity to create realistic worlds to satiate their wildest fantasies. Even though VR sex comes out as outrageous, wait till they start selling like hot cakes! Not to mention, robots will come into the picture too. Come 2030, robotics will see life-like robots to serve one and only purpose – sex!

More Possibilities

The reports also suggest that the ‘immersive technology’ will take a stronghold in conjunction with the VR. This technology has the ability to alter one’s senses and quell the shortcomings. Improving stamina and prolong the orgasm, for starters! It might as well cut the middle man and save someone from embarrassment.

Besides, state-of-the-art technology and breakthrough in the augmentation department is burgeoning the benefits. One can argue that this will diminish the moral values and make things artificial and unnatural. Perhaps, we are too much too late to undo the developments, aren’t we?

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