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Freelancer Problems: 5 Things I Hate Being Asked as a Freelance Writer

While most of you guys are in front of your desk for a 9-to-5 job, only managing to squeeze in an hour or less of lunch, I spend my mornings doing house errands and even baking some banana muffins. Why? Because despite the fact that you constantly bombard me with freelancer problems questions, I enjoy the freedom my lifestyle provides me.

However, while I try to answer every single annoying question about being a freelancer with the generic “I love my job,” they come up with more irritating versions of their “interrogation.”

#1 Freelancer problems: Isn’t it boring to work alone?

It’s not boring. It’s actually more productive to work alone and work at a time when you feel you are most creative. This isn’t one of those freelancer problems that actually worry me because I can always make friends with people outside my freelancer job or even within the community I’m in.

#2 Freelancer problems: Can you help me with this errand?

There’s no question I hate most in the world than this one. Just because you know my work schedule is flexible doesn’t mean I’m just sitting on the couch and binge-watching on Netflix. It is totally insensitive for you to assume I’m not doing anything and can simply drop everything to run an errand for you.

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Screen cap from the Twitter page of Denishia

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Denishia

#3 Freelancer problems: What’s your long-term plan?

Just because I don’t have an employer who pays half of my health insurance and other government-mandated benefits doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of my future. On the contrary, because I don’t have to pay for gas to go to the office and I can whip up my own coffee instead of going to Starbucks, I save a lot of money more than traditionally employed people do.

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#4 Freelancer problems: Can’t you just do that later?

No way am I going to go window shopping with you in the middle of the day just because you think I can push my own deadline. Contrary to belief, we do have employers (clients), too, who set the deadlines for the projects we’re doing.

#5 Freelancer problems: How can you afford (your lifestyle)?

So, just because I don’t have a boss and I can afford a pair of new shoes does not mean I’m getting my finances from something/someone else? One of the many freelancer problems is that we don’t get paid enough, but that also doesn’t mean we are not paid. We are paid okay, most of the time. We just want more, okay?

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