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Four Delicious Holiday Mocktails Recipe For A Booze-Free Party!

Need some drink ideas for your party but don’t want alcohol? Then these delicious holiday mocktails are perfect for you! Don’t worry; these drinks are so good that liquor will not be missed. And because these are alcohol-free, they are safe to drink for pregnant women, children, people who are iffy about alcohol, or even recovering alcoholics.

Virgin cocktails, or mocktails as people call them, are made by mixing fruit juices with other beverages like soda. Cocktails are made in the same process except that some type of liquor is added to give it a boost in flavor and drinking experience. In this list, these mocktail recipes will guarantee your guests’ satisfaction with every sip.

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Delicious Holiday Mocktails Recipe

Strawberry Cucumber Limeade

This refreshing drink is perfect when you want the atmosphere of the party to be light and relaxed. First, make a simple syrup, which only needs two ingredients: sugar and water in equal parts. This means one cup of sugar is equal to one cup of water. Pour the components together in the pan then stir until the edges begin to simmer and the liquid is clear. Remove from the heat then let it cool as you work on the rest of your limeade. Cut some fresh limes in half then squeeze all of the juices in your glass. Pour your simple syrup then stir before adding club soda. Add some ice and slices of cucumber and strawberry. Top with a mint leaf as garnish. Cheers!

Easy Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is a delicious mocktail recipe that is great for a party where kids are present. This sweet, slightly fruity drink can tickle the youngsters’ palate and takes minutes to put together. All you need to do is pour Grenadine in a pitcher along with lemon-lime soda. Top with ice then garnish with Maraschino cherries. And that’s it!

Summer Nights Mocktail

The Summer Nights Mocktail is great if you are having your holiday party by the pool or in a resort. To make this mocktail, combine pineapple juice, cucumber juice, mint leaves, and club soda in a pitcher. Mix well then pour over ice, serve, then watch your guests relax by the water while enjoying this invigorating drink.

The New Mother Mocktail

The New Mother Mocktail is a recipe by a user from Culinary Hill who made her own version of the drink after giving birth to her baby. The drink is a perfect blend of apples, cranberries and orange and it’s sure to become the star of the party, especially when it is served in a beautiful punch bowl. It’s easy to make and does not require a lot of ingredients. Simply combine apple juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice in your punch bowl or pitcher. Feel free to add more if you want a certain flavor to stand out. Serve over crushed ice then garnish with apple and orange slices or frozen cranberries. If you want, you can also add club soda to give the drink an extra fizz!

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Delicious Holiday Mocktails: It’s For Everyone

The biggest, and most obvious, advantage of these delicious holiday mocktails is that no one will get drunk in your party. These are perfect if you are the type to want a party without the complications that alcohol presents when everyone had too much of it. And these mocktails are not just for the holiday season; they’re also perfect for events like baby showers, birthdays, and anniversaries!

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