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Five Red Flags While Posting On Social Media

Social Media is big and millennial are hooked on to it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat- you name it, most of us are on these platforms. It is safe to say that most millennials want all information out there for the world to see.

With social media playing such a big role in our lives, all the lines are blurred as to how much is needed to be there and not there. Every day, there are zillions of tweets and posts find its way into the internet. However, there are major red flags about posting your feelings on social media.

Five Red Flags While Posting On Social Media

So let’s take a look at what needs to be out there and what needs to be just in the confines of your heart.

Red Flag #1 Don’t Vent About Your Partner Directly/Indirectly

Have you come across posts where someone goes on and on about how “some” people are inconsiderate and how “some” people need to treat you better? Well, people could be smart to connect the dots if they follow your posts regularly. Ever consider talking to those people directly than venting on your Facebook.

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Red Flag #2 No PDA Please

The last thing someone wants to see when they open their account is your pictures all over someone. Yes, love is blind but the eyes of others are wide open. So save yourself some embarrassment. Cute couple pictures would do the task of letting the world know about your love and also not draw away friend requests coming your way.

Red Flag #3 Nobody Wants To Know What You Ate For Every Meal

Salads or sprouts, milkshake or tea- no one needs to know what you are feeding yourself. It is annoying to get an update every four hours about what’s going in your tummy. Instead, share some great recipes over the platform, someone may benefit out of it.

Red Flag #4 Do Not Name Shame Mutual Friends

Many awkward situations arise when you name shame someone over Facebook. Washing your dirty linen in public or Washing your dirty linen on Facebook is not advisable. One won’t score high on maturity scale if you choose to name shame someone.

Source: Mail Online

Red Flag #5 Please Go Easy On Your Wedding Photos

Yes, Weddings are the most important event in one’s life. Try to refrain from adding a new pre-wedding photo shoot picture every day on your timeline. Cheesy relationship posts just may piss off your friends who will only find you hoarding on their timelines/feeds.

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