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Five Misconceptions About Millennials That Should Stop Now

For many years, we have seen America revolve around the baby boomers of the 1940s to 1960s. Those days are gone now because millennials have taken away industries and are lording over technology. Still, there are also so many misconceptions about millennials that should be put to a stop.

Millennials have yet to prove themselves to the world, in general. Yet, we are already labeling them and creating misconceptions about their group. From being called entitled to lazy to narcissistic, there is no shortage of misconceptions about millennials.

Misconceptions About Millennials: They Are Entitled

One of the most common misconceptions about millennials is that they think they should be handed success on a silver platter. Many see millennials as those who want to succeed without actually working for it.

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The truth is, millennials are aiming for more because they believe they can achieve more. More opportunities are open to them compared to previous generations, so they expect more from themselves.

They Would Rather Text

Yes, there is a small percentage of millennials who want to text than talk in person. A study by Bentley University found out that more than 50 percent of the respondents would rather speak with colleagues in person. Millennials still want to attend meetings in person as much as possible.

They Want Affirmation

Millennials were supposedly coddled by their parents to the point that they want a trophy every time they do something good. While it’s true that they had it easier than baby boomers, millennials simply want feedback about their work.

Millennials are used to being criticized, so they want immediate feedback as much as possible. They believe this will help the be better workers in the future.

They Are Not Focused On The Future

This misconception stems from the fact that millennials are believed to be not saving for the future. Apparently, few millennials have enough savings in their bank accounts. They travel the world and leave so little in their savings.

While traveling is part of their culture, the reason they cannot save enough is because of low-paying jobs. Millennials entered the job market when the unemployment rate was high, so they needed to accept jobs below their expected salary.

They Don’t Want To Get Married

It is true that most millennials are waiting to get married. It’s not that they don’t believe in love and family. They are simply more practical than previous generations.

These misconceptions about millennials in terms of marriage and family are completely false. Millennials simply want to be more financially secured or more advanced in their careers before settling down.

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