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First Date Tips: 5 Things Girls Must Never Do On A First Date

So, you’re going on a date with someone new but you don’t know how to conduct yourself properly. To dress up or not? Should

There are general rules about dating a guy for the first time: Don’t show up late, don’t talk when your mouth is full, and don’t talk about your problems. This is pure common sense, if you think about it, and yet many girls still don’t understand that first dates are not the time to be vulnerable.

First date dont’s: Dress inappropriately

You’re going on a date with someone new. The important thing in the first date tips is you shouldn’t let him think he can do anything he wants with you. It’s sad to say that even though we’re in the 21st century, some men still think that they can act rudely because a woman is dressed too sexy.

While we think all guys should respect girls no matter what they are wearing, girls should try to be as careful as they can.

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Dress in a way that you would look good, but you don’t have to reveal too much skin (sorry if this sounds a little sexist, but we have to be careful these days).

Answer unimportant calls

At the same time, you shouldn’t be focused on checking your social media accounts. That’s a major turn-off for your date. Would you want to be in a date with someone who’s constantly liking and commenting on every Facebook post? Don’t do what you do not want others to do unto you. Remember the golden rule.

Forget to let other people know where you are

Unless you’re big on surprises, your date must let you know where he’s taking you. That’s just the cardinal rule of dating, so you know what to wear, too. As soon as he tells you where you two are going, you better let a friend or a sister know where you’re going to be that night. It sounds insane and paranoid, but it’s important that people know where to look for you if something happens.

Drink too much

While it is perfectly okay to drink, it’s not okay to drink to the point of collapse. Do that with your friends, if you want. But don’t do it with someone you barely knew. It’s important that you know how to take care of yourself, so that others don’t take advantage of you.

Talk about your problems

Talking about how busy you are with work is one thing. Talking about a particular person at work and how much you hate your boss is another first date tips you should know about. Be careful to talk about personal problems because he may not be the best person to tell it to.

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