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Finland Educational System: The United States Should Be Finnished, What Can Betsy DeVos Contribute?

Finland is the first country to ever undergo a revolutionary education system which would abolish the school subjects from the curriculum. This system will first be introduced to senior students from the age 16. Finland has been the model for a great and effective education system since its reforms during the 1970s and their students scored higher than others on international assessments.

Finland introduces phenomenon-based teaching which will focus on the multidisciplinary approaches to education. This can also be described as a problems-based teaching but with higher level real life problems such as climate change, and politics. This way, the boundaries between subjects will be gone as students will use every subject and merge them together to work out a solution for the real life problems.

This phenomenon based-teaching aims to develop students ability to apply the information that they learned before the age of 16. One advantage of this system is that it’s the students’ initiative to ask questions and learn more about the problems that they are interested in. They no longer have to memorize theories and their assessments would no longer be in pen and paper; one primary reason on students’ disinterest in their classes.

Meanwhile in the US, Trump picks Betsy Devos as Education Secretary

United States President-elect Donald Trump picks Betsy Devos, a big time Republican donor, as the Education SecretaryBetsy Devos, West Michigan GOP mega-donor and philanthropist, is Donald Trump’s pick as the new Education Secretary. Although the subject needs confirmation from the Republican-controlled US Senate, DeVos is said to be the best for the role among the Republican donors. DeVos says that she is honored to help Trump and to make American education great again.

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By Keith A. Almli –, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

DeVos plans and stand on education still unclear

The United States adopts the Common Core Education which sets a standard to the students. This system creates a conflict with a diversified country such as the US because what are being taught in Alaska are also being taught in Alabama. Such doesn’t promote cultural diversity and localization of learning.

Meanwhile, Charter Schools are those whose curriculum and education system are set locally, either by teachers or by the founders of the institution. Charter Schools vary from one another and it’s up to the parents’ decision whether to enroll their kids in these schools. These schools, however, must still meet the national standards or else these schools would be closed down.

Betsy DeVos has already discussed with Mike Pence about the Common Core and setting higher national standards for all schools. Although DeVos  is known to be a part of multiple groups that support Common Core, she has denied having the same stand. She, however, wants to increase the number of Charter Schools in the country; this goes in line with Trump’s vision of education being localized and that he might get rid of the Department of Education altogether.

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