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Fake Makeup: 5 Reasons Why You Should Throw Those Fake Kylie Lip Kits Away

Fake makeup hits the market like an epidemic nowadays and even the popular Kylie Lip Kits couldn’t kill the knock-offs. Twitter and Instagram users report being scammed by these fake lip kits. Not only do they get unsatisfying results, they also cause injuries, according to several users.

Fake Makeup: Why People Still Buy Them

Despite warnings from Kylie Jenner herself, people still continue to buy the fake lip kits. The original Kylie Lip Kits’ price range from $17-$29 while the knock offs only cost a portion of this. Some of these knock offs sell at a discount of more than 75%!

We can’t blame people from buying these ‘discounted’ fake makeup because sometimes, fake makeups do the job just as good as the real ones. Sometimes, users also don’t know that they’re buying fake makeup as imitations are difficult to spot. These knock-off manufacturers copy even the tiniest details of the original that those who haven’t seen the original won’t be able to spot a fake from a real one. What most people don’t know, however, is that these fake lip kits post a threat to its user.

1. Fake Lip Kits Can Give You Lip Injuries

From chapped to swollen lips, users report injuries that made them learn the consequences of fake makeup. Most fake lip kits dry out the lips when applied. This is because of the matte effect that the knock-offs try to achieve so they leave out the moisturizing ingredients. Aside from this, some also report allergic reactions which resulted to swollen lips.

2. You Don’t Know What You’re Putting Onto Your Lips

Because the knock-offs just copy the ingredients written on the original’s box, the actual ingredients used in the fake product remain unknown. Some users claim that the knock-offs feel like they’re putting glue onto their lips which makes their lips stick together. While others, however, smell gasoline from their purchase.

3. Fake Products Use Harmful Chemicals

While manufacturers of the fake products don’t intentionally want to cause harm, they use harmful and cheaper chemicals to achieve the same effect as that of the original. Carcinogenic substances like latex were proven to be a content in some of these beauty products to achieve the long-lasting effect. Cosmopolitan cited that some products contain urine and E. coli because of the unsanitary manufacturing of the counterfeit products.

4. The Manufacturers Have No Liability Should Injuries Happen To Their Consumers

Most of these knock offs come from China and because they imitate a brand, they have no liability when their consumers suffer injuries from their products. Even though they don’t mean to intentionally harm their consumers, they don’t have anything to lose if people start complaining about their products.

5. An Original Product Is Worth Investing On

We get it, the real and original products really are expensive. Perhaps, you’d rather spend that money on a new pair of jeans or by eating out at your favorite restaurant. However, these original products are worth their price simply because they last longer and do the job better.

Surely, you wouldn’t want to attend a wedding wearing your counterfeit Kylie Lip Kit but after an hour, your lipstick starts fading away, or worse, you’d look like you had a terrible lip injection from your swollen lips.

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