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When Everyone Else’s Getting Married And Pregnant – Don’t Mope!

Facebook is sometimes the culprit of most people’s frustrations. When you’re in you’re mid-twenties, scrolling through engagement or pregnancy news, chances are you might feel that you’re missing out. But worry not! When you see most of your friends getting married and pregnant, the last thing you need is to feel sorry. Everything happens at the right time, so don’t sit around and just mope!

Friends Are Getting Married And Pregnant, What About Me?

It’s easy to spiral into depression with your biological time running out. However, rushing into things is never a good idea. Chances are, your friends are getting hitched because they’ve been in a relationship with someone for quite a long time now. If you do force yourself to like someone just to get engaged in a short amount of time, you are just jeopardizing your happiness for the sake of joining in on the superficial trend.

Dating is simply, trial and error. So if you want to date someone with high hopes that you will get engaged immediately, think again. Don’t rush into something just to please the people around you. With friends getting married and pregnant, the pressure could get more intense. Protip? Shrug that off and genuinely be happy for them.

In the end, what matters is that you are happy and that you are working your way towards getting what you truly want in life. Share the happiness with them instead of being envious.

Eliminate Fear In Your System

Seeing your friends make lifelong commitments with somebody sounds romantic, but don’t give in to the pressure that it needs to happen to you right now. It certainly is an overwhelming thing to experience and often, it makes you feel lost about knowing what to do next. Truthfully, that’s the least of your concerns, because the urgency will just send you to a frenzy of panic of not knowing what to do next.

Instead of drowning yourself with thoughts of what if’s, don’t spend time hurting your happiness. All your newly engaged and pregnant friends are oozing with happiness, and you should share that with them. Accept that while you feel slightly weird or uncomfortable at this stage in your life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy.

Don’t validate your existence just because your friends are in a certain stage in their lives. Instead, find meaning in yourself, and learn to love yourself more. Learn how to appreciate your own success! Watch how your perspective transforms when you stop trying to copy someone else’s path. The moment you stop measuring up to the people around you, happiness will pop up and you’ll feel better.

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