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Engagement Issues: How To Deal With Stress And Pre-Wedding Fights

The time between the engagement and the wedding is a very crucial time for the couples. Let alone the already prevalent stress but the rom-coms don’t do any good to the soul as well. In our next in the series of relationship tips, we deal with overcoming engagement issues

The jitters of being committed to someone amounts to some nerve wrecking reactions. Engagement issues are likely to crop up but you can overcome it. Disagreements are bound to happen as you look at walking down the aisle together. Try not to be overcome by the unrealistic expectations set by the culture around you.

Engagement Issues: Learn To Communicate Without Ending up Fighting

Issue #1 Finances

Stress is not a gender specific term. It affects you and your partner especially when monumental decisions are to be taken. Maybe you never clearly talked about finances, take some time to calmly talk about it. Chart out how you are going to divide the expenses for your wedding. Be clear about it before you start the expenditure. You may not agree with the spending pattern of your future spouse, but take some time to sit and talk it out.

Issue # 2 Over The Top Expectations

Ladies, you might be planning your wedding since you were a kid. But things change as we grow up and face the realities of life. Don’t dump the burden of these over the top expectations on to your partner. It’s not fair for one person to bear the burden of your lifelong dream.


Maybe your partner couldn’t afford the ring you always desired to have, but ask yourself if that is a minor issue you are majoring on. Get realistic about the financial resources in your hand and plan accordingly. Your kith and kin will attend your wedding and leave but your relationship is the one that is going to last. So keep the longer run in mind.

Issue# 3 Don’t Confuse A Wedding With Marriage.

No, I do not mean a grammatical difference between wedding and a marriage. Wedding is a one day affair and in countries like mine, a seven day affair. But that’s about it. Marriage is a lifelong commitment between you two, so keep the bigger picture in mind.

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Fights and disagreements are just part and parcel of the process. A lavish wedding or a normal, decent wedding is not going to decide the fate of your relationship. It’s you and your partner who will together alone take it forward. Love is more than all those childhood dreams and never get carried away or compare your wedding or your partner’s earning with that of your friends or relatives if you really love to be with him; it will just mar your relationship. Having said that, if you see some major red flags during the process, do not be afraid to take time out to think about the relationship. All I am saying is don’t make a minor a major, keep the health of your relationship above everything else!

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