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DIY Glamping: Here’s How You Can Upgrade Your Camping Experience

There is nothing more rejuvenating than going outdoors and appreciating Mother Nature. And the best way to admire the flora and fauna is by going on a glamping trip. Don’t worry, it is not something complicated. In fact, you can go and have a DIY Glamping with your family and friends!

Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. It’s like enjoying the accommodations of a hotel while outdoors. Check out these tips that can add a touch of luxury to your camping trip!

DIY Glamping: Say Goodbye To Conventional Camping


Don’t settle for sleeping bags when you go glamping. Go for a large air mattress and then pile on your favorite blankets and pillows. You can also add your favorite stuffed toys if you want! If you want to add more glamour, put a duvet on your mattress. That way, you’ll have something to snuggle in if the night is colder than you expected.


Camping always calls for the typical flashlight and lamp as light sources. However, you can be creative with lights when you go glamping. Add scented candles in glass jars for a soft glow within the area (just make sure you put out the flames before sleeping!). If you find candles too risky, invest in garden lights. You can also add old-fashioned lamps for a more vintage feel during your glamping.


Even if it’s DIY glamping, you can never forget the food. You can set up several small tables where you can put a variety of food and drinks. Snacks and bite-sized treats are the recommended snacks when you go outdoors. Invest in finger food like sliders, trail mixes, nuts and dried fruit. For drinks, you can customize your own juices and cocktails. Don’t forget water so you and your glamp-mates can stay hydrated!

Glamping: Experiencing Luxury Outdoors

The main idea is to appreciate outdoors without the hassles of a conventional camping. If you want to, you can go on a glamping site and enjoy their amenities. DIY glamping, on the other hand, can help you save money. There really is no right or wrong in setting up your glamp camp. All you have to do is to use your imagination and have fun being creative!

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