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Digging Your Way Out of a Gold Digger’s Heart

Is there anything more disheartening than finding out you’re with someone who only wants you for your money? A gold digger can be defined as someone who’s only with you because of the luxury you can provide for him/her. Once you’re facing financial troubles, he/she will be out of your life faster than you can say “wait.”

It’s easy to spot a gold digger. Usually, they want expensive gifts from their partners, and they couldn’t care less how that said partner will get it for them. She’s also more likely in the company of other gold diggers who are obviously only with their partners because of money.

Breaking up with a gold digger

Breaking up with a gold digger is not like any other breakup, unfortunately. They will latch on to you because they need your resources for the lifestyles they want to live. They won’t easily move out of the penthouse you’re providing for them or give back the car you bought as a gift.

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They have been accustomed to having these luxury items, so they won’t easily accept you breaking up with them. So, don’t use the usual way (it’s not you, it’s me or I don’t think we’re right for each other) of breaking up. Do it subtly to test that they’re really gold diggers and to walk away for good.

First, once they start asking for expensive things, tell them that you’re having difficulties with money right now. If they ask for a loan because of mortgage, suggest that they should sell their expensive jewelries or their bags. You may also tell the gold diggers to cancel a planned expensive vacation because you don’t have the money for it.

Trust us, if he/she is a real gold digger, he/she will be out of your life faster than you can blink. You won’t even have to formally break up with them. They will be the one to move out of your apartment.

Moving on from a gold digger

Even though you know they are wrong for you, there’s a good chance you have already fallen in love with a gold digger. That’s not an impossibility. Not everyone can guard their hearts from falling in love.

Keep yourself busy with work and focus your energy on another hobby. Try not to go to places where you think they’ll be hanging out. Since they are gold diggers, they are most likely searching for their next candidates.

You may also tell off your friends about the signs of a gold digger, so they won’t fall victim to them.

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