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How To Defend Your Singlehood And Not Come Off As Defensive

Even in the 21st century, women are not immune to classification and categorization. Women are expected to marry, bear children, and take care of their family. They are not supposed to enjoy singlehood. But you are supposed to really, you should.

Yet, more and more women these days decide they want to stay single and not get tied down with a partner. They go on their own lives—fulfill their goals, travel, and build a career—without having to answer to anyone back home. They are not immune to critics, though, as the more conservative sectors in our society frown upon their choices.

Enjoy Your Singlehood And Don’t Feel Guilty

When people ask you how you enjoy your singlehood, don’t be compelled to give an answer. Singlehood is not merely a choice, it’s also a circumstance that life gave you. The only thing is, you decided to embrace it wholeheartedly instead of fighting it off and trying to find “the one.”

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No one should be pressured to defend their choices, especially if it doesn’t affect the people around them. If you do find yourself needing to defend your singlehood against the “high and mighty” people, be careful not to sound defensive. They’ll think you’re secretly sad and lonely, and want something else.

The best way to show that you enjoy being single is to live it, and not saying it. People have a way of hearing only what they want to hear, and no matter how much you say you love being single, to them it’ll sound like a pile of defensive lies. Live your life happily and they’ll eventually live you alone. But then again, you don’t need to show nor convince anyone about anything at all.

Go where you want to go and date who you want to date. And if you don’t want to date anyone, then so be it. No one has the right to criticize the choices you have made. If they do, just shrug it off and continue being the amazing person that you are.

Dealing With Pressure And Expectations

You are not the first person to feel pressured about settling down and finding your “person.” People love to criticize other people’s lives because they can’t deal with their own. Your preference to stay single or be a couple has nothing to do with their lives, so don’t feel pressured to answer back, much less conform.

The problem with today’s society is that we haven’t fully moved on from the traditional values our great-grandparents had, when these are not the values some people want to follow. Men are still supposed to provide for the family. Women are still supposed to take care of the children and her husband.

Both men and women are still supposed to get married at a certain age. What this society fails to understand today is that there is absolutely nothing wrong about staying single and enjoying that singlehood.

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