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Decoding Messages of Your Crush: How to Know If He’s Crushing Back

Butterflies in the stomach, this phrase is so apt when things begin to heat up with your crush. Text messages are exchanged, calls are being waited upon and major hints are dropped. This could be the most exciting time between two people.

Preliminary episodes with your crush cannot be forgotten. There are plans to meet up and close friends are all waiting on each update. So how does it look like, how does one decipher all the messages without sounding needy and desperate?

The Initial Texting Game with Your Crush

Responses to messages can be very vital as it is the first impression about one’s personality. It is also important to not get too carried away in the initial stages.

Message 1: Hi, What’s Up?

Don’t go on an overdrive. It is quite likely that a slurry of messages will be sent back because of the excitement. Refrain- first calm down and send a very chill response. A simple ‘What’s Up’ needs a simple response.

Message 2: Let’s meet up

It is best to keep a very neutral place for the first hangout. Choosing your crush’s house is not a great idea. Rushing into anything may often bring along consequences. It is best to meet up at a coffee joint (Starbucks) or a mall/park. Choosing a public place eases off the tensions and keeps one mind in check.

Message 3: Let’s go out for coffee

Do not make elaborate plans here. A coffee place creates a very relaxed atmosphere to talk about likes and dislikes. It is a good starting conversation between two people who like each other. A major red flag is talking about marriage and kids during this time. It is a big no-no. Keep it simple- know about each other interests, hobbies, aspirations.

Message 4: Should we call it a date?

So everything is going well and it’s time to go on a date with your crush. Maybe you have harbored this in your dreams for some time- so the butterflies in your stomach are understandable. Don’t pin all your hopes on the first date. Let the conversation flow and make some room for forgivable mistakes.

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