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How To Deal With Millennial Stereotypes In The Workplace

There are a few millennial stereotypes that have stuck to these people trying to make a career for themselves. Though some have found their niche, there are those who still suffer from the negative connotations of being called a millennial.

The common misconceptions about them are that they are lazy, entitled, delusional, narcissistic, and unreliable. A Forbes survey, in fact, found out that 68 percent of organizations find it difficult to manage millennials. Managers see them as people who expect more than they work for.

Millennial Stereotypes And How To Deal With Them

One of the most common millennial stereotypes is that they are entitled. They want to get more than what they are working for. This stems from the fact that many millennials are climbing up the ladder faster than the older generation.

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You can strike down on this stereotype by simply reaching out. Let them, the baby boomers specifically, know that you value their opinion. If you are submitting a budget proposal, ask for their advice and let them know you’ll incorporate some of their ideas.

Another stereotype that older generation has of millennials is that they are praise-hungry. They think millennials want to be constantly given a “trophy” just for showing up to the job. This can change when you let the managers know you simply want constructive criticisms if you’re doing your job right.

Of course, the fact that millennials are always on their smartphones to check their social media accounts will not go unnoticed. While this is partly true, it is also a fact that many of the older generation are as addicted to their smartphones as millennials.

If you’re constantly being reprimanded for checking Facebook and Twitter, you can tell your manager how technology is helping your job. That’s right, you can check the latest on industry news when you check your social media feed.

How To Overcome These Millennial Stereotypes

There’s a simple mantra to remember if you want to overcome these stereotypes. The mantra is: Prepare, deliver, and be humble.

Make sure that you are prepared to go to work every day. Know what you’re aiming for that day and make sure you do your duties well before leaving the office. Let the people around see you work hard and sacrifice even your personal time.

But also, remember to be humble amidst it all. It is more likely that you will be promoted because of your fresh ideas and your technological know-how. Be humble enough to reach out to your co-workers.

These millennial stereotypes can stop if we collectively show the world that we are made of sterner stuff than what they think of.

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