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Dating Tips: How To Deal With A Guy Who Cannot Take Rejection Well

A lot of dating tips you see on magazines or online will tell you what to wear on a first date or the topics you can talk about. However, did you notice that there is not a lot of information on how to reject guys after a first or second date? Moreover, how do you deal with someone who can’t handle rejection?

Your co-worker, whom you know likes you from Day One, asks you out. Unfortunately, he’s not your type so you politely decline and tell him your reasons why. Rather than be accepting about it, he suddenly spits out hurtful words like fat, b*itch and more. What’s the deal? Should you even try to understand him?

Be Clear

According to a Bolde article, some men can’t really handle rejection well. For them, their ego is immediately bruised when a woman says no to them. They will lash out at you for rejecting them.

If you know the person you are going out with or about to go on a date with has the “can’t be rejected syndrome,” make sure that you make him understand why you are rejecting him. Do not sugarcoat your words because it will only confuse him.

Some men can understand why they are being rejected. Unfortunately, some don’t. So make sure that when you say no, he understands why you said no and be clear about it.

Of course, you are not duty-bound to make him see reason. If he cannot handle a clear and firm rejection (but not cruel), then it is, for the lack of a bette way to put it, his problem. Not yours. 

Be Direct and Honest – No Lies, Excuses

Guys who can’t handle rejection immediately close up when you turn them down. The feeling of rejection eats them up and all they can think of is how to get back at you. This is why it’s important not to string them along.

If he asks you out, you can politely decline, according to Wikihow, but make sure you tell him the real reason why. He would appreciate the truth (even when it hurts) rather than giving him a bunch of lies or excuses. The line “it’s not you, it’s me” is a cliche, and gives false hopes. Do not use it.

Keep Your Distance

After turning him down, your co-worker might ignore you. Let him be. He needs to recoup himself and regain his ego after being rejected. It may be best to distance yourself from him too. This is so he does not get mixed signals if you really are rejecting him or just testing his patience.

Unfortunately, we now live in a world full of people with fragile egos (men and women alike). Rejection can turn some men violent, so all the more to keep your distance. If you see some signs that the guy you rejected can harbor dangerous thoughts about you and actually hurt you, do not think twice – stay away or ask for help!

Of course, not all men are like that. There are still those who are sensitive to a woman’s feelings and can accept rejection like a man. What about you, do you have any dating tips to share for girls who gets asked by a guy that can’t handle rejection? Share them with us and help these girls!

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