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Cue Secret Love Song: How To Love Someone Your Parents Do Not Like

Can Little Mix’s Secret Love Song describe your relationship best? Do you feel like you have the right love at the wrong time, especially with your parents disapproving your relationship? Are you forced to hide what you have with someone because your parents cannot and will not accept him/her?

After a few months of being single, you finally found someone that you think you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. You enjoy each other’s company and seem to be a perfect fit for one another.

Finally, you decide it’s now time for your special someone to meet your parents. You bring him home but it seems his jokes did not sit well with your mom and his personality did not win your dad over. After a few days, you get a call from your mom saying they don’t like your new partner.

Respect Your Parent’s Decision

Your mom will probably try and talk you out of your current relationship. She will give you a rundown of what she thinks is wrong with your partner. Rather than be on a defensive and start an argument with your mother, hold your horses!

Though he is the one who makes your gray skies more colorful, you still have to respect your parents and their opinions. It will, of course, hurt that the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is not in good terms with them.

Like a mature person, handle the situation and tell your parents that you respect their decision but would rather continue with the relationship. It may take time for them to see his best qualities but that does not mean you should give up.

Talk To Your S.O.

After that dinner with your parents, your boyfriend will more or less have an idea that he did not get your parent’s approval. It is best that you are honest and open about this. Your guy will probably feel bummed about it but that does not mean both of you should stop trying.

Talk to him and give him ideas on what your parents’ interests are. Maybe he can read up about golfing or at least try to join your dad in one of his golfing tournaments. This is so he can have the chance to bond with your parents and see that he is worth your time.

Heart-To-Heart Talk

To be honest, the process depends on your parents loathe-level with your boyfriend. It may take months or years but you have to stand up with your decision and make them see what you’ve seen with your partner.

Having a heart-to-heart talk with your parents can be another option. You can hear out what they have to say, but make sure that they listen to what you have to say too. Be open on how much you love him. Another way of doing it is for your guy to speak to your parents. Let him have the chance to tell his piece on why he’s a perfect match for you.

How about you, what’s your secret love song? What did you do for your guy or girl to win over your parents’ approval? Share them here!

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