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Who Is Casey Neistat and Why We Need to Listen to Him

We have stumbled a number of questions about who is Casey Neistat. It seems this is the perfect opportunity to introduce this YouTube sensation. He amassed over three million subscribers and instantly became a social media phenomenon. He even pushed media conglomerate CNN to take over his video messaging app, Beme.

Casey Neistat was born on March 25, 1981 in New London, Connecticut. Contrary to popular belief (which is mainly because of his well-directed videos), he never attended film school. He and his brother, Van, are self-taught filmmakers. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t notice it because of the very professional feel of their videos.

In order to know who is Casey Neistat, you have to check out his YouTube channels and various social media accounts. He has enough content there to make you understand how influential he has become in today’s generation. After all, his video entitled iPod’s Dirty Secret catapulted him and his brother to fame.

iPod’s Dirty Secret revealed!

In 2003, the Neistat brothers used the most conspicuous of this generation’s gadget — the Apple iPod — to launch a well-thought-of tirade against the tech giant. The video began with a call from Apple’s customer service, telling Casey that the one-year warranty of his iPod has expired. Accordingly, replacing the battery of the device will cost as much as buying a new one, $299-$499.

Who Is Casey Neistat

Screen cap from the Instagram page of Casey Neistat

The customer service agent then proceeded to advice Casey that he should just buy a new one. The film, which run for 2:37, saw the two brothers traversing all over Manhattan to spray-paint over Apple’s ads with “iPod’s Unreplaceable Battery Lasts Only 18 Months.”

The video went viral and the question of “who is Casey Neistat” became irrelevant as he has become a star.

CNN buys Casey’s app?

A year ago, Casey and co-founder Matt Hackett, brought to life a video-sharing messaging app called Beme that can share four-second video bursts without editing or filters. Casey said it aims to fill the gap between live streaming and enhanced YouTube videos because “truth is much more interesting than fiction.”

Although Beme never really took off like Snapchat and, it caught the attention of CNN. The network then acquired it to gain access to its team of hiring producers, developers, and content creators.

The new project that will focus on attracting millennials will be headed by Neistat. Hence, the question as to who is Casey Neistat may now finally be put to bed because he would soon become a household name.

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