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A Boyfriend Like This: How To Know He’s Boyfriend Material

So many girls stay in abusive and unhealthy relationship because they think they can make their boyfriends change… that somehow, he will be the man she wants her to be. That’s where the misconceptions about a boyfriend like this usually lie. You cannot turn a man into someone who’s perfect for you if he doesn’t even care enough to make you stay.

When a guy likes a girl, it’s pretty obvious. And as someone who’s been in a bad relationship after bad relationship, you’ll immediately recognize if you need to be serious with him, too.

A boyfriend like this: He respects his family

You don’t want someone who’s continuously rude to his family. That’s not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. A boyfriend like this would eventually treat you the same way he treats his family members.

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A Boyfriend Like This

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If he’s good and kind to you, but rude to his mother, sisters, brothers, etc., you should really think twice about who he’ll be once you are all settled down.

He makes you feel beautiful

He doesn’t have to tell you nonstop that you’re gorgeous and pretty. He should make you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, whether you’re all made up or you’re in your pajamas. There should be no pressure for you to lose weight or put on makeup when you’re together.

You should feel comfortable being natural with him. If you’re not up to dressing up and simply wants to go out in shorts and shirt, he should be able to appreciate it still.

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He considers you his best friend

He has friends, sure. A relationship should not stop anyone from maintaining friendships, especially those that are good for you. But when it comes to his deepest thoughts and dreams, he should come running to you.

You should be his best friend, the one person he looks to when he’s sad, happy, confused, challenged, stressed, etc.

He supports your dreams

If he constantly brings you down, then he’s not really good for you. A boyfriend like this sees you as a competition rather than a partner. Walk away now before you get sucked in even more.

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