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Bored With Your Partner And Having Affair Fantasies: What To Do

It’s Saturday night and like always, your partner wants to just stay in and watch Netflix. You nod but inside, you want to scream and say, “But I want to go out!” You ask yourself, is this what a long term relationship looks like in the long run?

Long Term Relationship Struggles

After X amount of years being together, one day you just realized that you’re bored with the routine you and your partner created. During weekends, you watch Netflix, go to the grocery and eat at your favorite restaurant. This weekend cycle that you both created is beginning to bore you.

You attempt to spice things up a bit, but your partner won’t budge. He’d rather dance with the remote than dance with you in a bar. He prefers to eat Chinese food than trying the new Thai restaurant you’ve seen online. You’re bored with your couple routine, you just can’t say it.

Rather than break it off with your partner, you start fantasizing about having an affair. You started giving sneaky glances at your hot officemate or that cute barista where you get your coffee from. For days, you’ve contemplated on starting an affair. Should you?

Talk To Your Partner

Stop right there. Before you start regretting your actions just because you are bored, how about communicating this with your partner? Gently tell him that you want to shake things up a bit. Give out suggestions on what you think will be fun.

Your partner might reject the idea at first and continue flicking the remote, but don’t give up. Get his undivided attention. Make him see the positive side of changing your routine (if he’s the type of guy who likes to weigh pros and cons).

Start Small

Try changing your Friday routine of watching Netflix into something fun. A night out or watching a movie can be a good start. Recreate the moment when you were still dating. Remind him of the qualities that attracted you and vice versa.

Once you’re able to change that one day, do a weekend extravaganza. Probably, a weekend beach trip or a road trip. Since you’re the party planner, make sure you have all the activities lined up. If it’s a beach trip, make sure there are activities that both of you will enjoy and make him forget about the TV remote he left back home.

Spice It Up In The Bedroom

If your budget is limited, maybe you can use your creative side and turn your bedroom into a fantasy date The Bachelor style. Being together for a number of years will give you an insight on what your partner’s fantasies are. Surprise him when he comes home from work. You can try a game where both of you can get a little naughty in bed.

There are a million ways to kick the feeling out. Being in a relationship means listening to each other’s needs, so if you feel like things are becoming a routine, cue boring life, spice it up! Long term relationship is never boring unless you intend it to be.

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