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Bestfriend Goals: 4 Things You Should Do With Your Bestfriend Before Settling Down

We all have that one friend in life who we can always count on. Whether it’s crying with her at 3AM or drinking shots of tequila on a rooftop bar, you just know that you will always be bestfriend goals. However, time has a way of pulling us apart and before you know it, you’re both on your way to getting married.

Before putting that ring on your finger, though, and settling down to domestic bliss, you have to go on another great road trip with your bestfriend, right? Don’t get us wrong, marriage is always a wonderful union with your lifetime partner. But, your bestfriend also holds a special place in your heart.

Bestfriend Goals: Traveling To A New Country

Forget about your usual travel destination. If you really want to fulfill your bestfriend goals before you get married, you should travel to somewhere you have never been before. Be careful about choosing a secluded place, though, because it may be too dangerous for two girls. Choose a busy place where you can have some fun and see cultural sites, too.

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Take On A New Challenge

Have you tried running on a marathon or going skydiving? How about diving in the deep blue sea? If you have never tried any of these before, doing it before your wedding is the perfect time to do so.

Your single years are the perfect time to take on a new challenge. Do it with your friend and have the most fun you could ever have.

Declutter Your Things

If you are going to share a home soon, you have to start streamlining your possessions. No, there’s no more extra room for your hundred pairs of shoes or your endless handbags. You have to get rid of those you don’t need and are not using anymore.

Do the decluttering with your friend. It would be fun to remember the times you bought that ugly blouse just because it was on sale. Or how about those boots that you never got around to wearing because they were too painful to the feet?

Have A Slumber Party

There’s nothing better than having your childhood friend with you as you go through life. You have spent some of the best years of your life with this friend, after all. She knows you better than anyone else.

One of the bestfriend goals you should try doing again is to have an old-school slumber party. Put on Clueless or whatever teen movie, and have popcorns, pizza, and soda. Spend the night talking about everything under the sun.

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