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Barron Trump Autistic News Has Everyone Talking About It

Many could say that the US Presidential election 2016 was thrilling, but at the same time, quite exhausting or stressful. However, amid all the controversies and the nationwide campaigning, there stood a 10-year-old boy on the stage of the Republican arena. Barron Trump is President-elect Donald J. Trump’s youngest son, and his only offspring with his third wife, Melania Knauss Trump.

After the US Presidential election results were revealed, Trump’s supporters and campaign team rejoiced for Trump’s acquired triumph. Later, the public witnessed the new President-elect addressing his victory speech. While others were preoccupied listening to Trump’s every word, apparently, some were noticing Barron’s unusual behavior.

The Barron Trump autism speculation

The public started to speculate as to why the 10-year-old appeared like he was struggling to stay awake. Thus began the rumors about Barron Trump’s mental health. Video snippets and candid photos of the 10-year-old from started to resurface online.

Is Barron Trump autistic? Many are convinced that the child suffers from a mental condition. His actions reportedly embody that of a child with autism. Also, theorists claim that Trump’s strong stand against vaccines, as it allegedly causes autism, is due to the fact that his youngest son suffers from such an illness.

Rosie O’Donnell’s ‘is Barron Trump autistic’ tweet

Apparently, there is a 7-minute video on YouTube explaining why Barron Trump could potentially have autism. Furthermore, this said video was tweeted by one of Hollywood’s famous comedian Rosie O’Donnell. Her tweet entails the same question that everyone has been asking, “Is Barron Trump autistic?” 

Then, O’Donnell expressed that the young boy’s supposed condition is an “amazing opportunity” to give light to the “autism epidemic.” This then sparked outrage on Twittersphere as the comedian’s followers believe that she was in no position to “out” Barron Trump.

O’Donnell’s tweet was taken with such a displeasure that even Conservative author Mike Cernovich reacted to the comedian’s post. Meanwhile, many were led to believe that O’Donnell is still angry about the results of the election.

‘Barron Trump autistic’ tweet to get back at Trump?

It is widely believed that O’Donnell’s post is her way of getting back at Donald Trump. Apparently, the comedian and the business magnate have been on a feud for over a decade. During the first Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton highlighted the Republican’s liking on calling women “pig” and “slobs.”

Trump did not deny Clinton’s allegations but he also does not feel the need to apologize as the comedian allegedly deserves such description. Nevertheless, many believed that “targeting” Trump’s son is taking their feud too far.

The Trump family has not released any statement addressing the array of rumors concerning their youngest family member. This issue has also divided the public. Many believe that the decision to make young Barron’s mental condition public is only up to his parents. Nevertheless, there are no medical records or any evidence of a kind to correlate to the 10-year-old’s mental health.

Could it be that Barron Trump was just tired? Should a 10-year-old be expected to remain still for a long period of time? Do you believe that the President-elect’s son is autistic?

Image: Facebook/ Barron Trump

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