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Barack Obama Facts: Why Obama Was The Perfect Millennial President

You may or may not agree with his politics, but there’s no denying that Barack Obama is one of the most charming and beloved personalities in the world. In fact, so beloved is he that even the highly critical generation of millennials want to know more Barack Obama facts than any other political figure in history.

For most millennials, Obama’s 2008 presidential victory was the first national elections they voted for. He became a president when the millennial generation we know now was just starting to form what they think of America and the world. For many, he became a president at a time when America was really hurting.

Barack Obama facts: His special relationship with millennials

His first term in office was the first time millennials was a part of the democratic process. They stood by as the first Black-American took his oath of office and charmed his way to many of these millennials’ hearts. The important thing to know about Barack Obama facts is that he listens to, no matter who you are or where you came from.

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But it’s not just his presidency that endeared him to this generation. It was also his family—that intelligent and dignified Michelle Obama and those respectful and down-to-earth Malia and Sasha (not to mention the cute Bo and Sunny Obama). The millennials didn’t need to fear or disrespect or hate Obama because he and his family never gave them a reason to.

How Obama breaks walls and barriers

In 2015, Obama openly supported same-sex marriage, heralding the Supreme Court decision as a “victory for America.” As a generation so open and welcoming to the third (or fourth or fifth) sex, this was as revolutionary to millennials as Martin Luther King Jr. was to African-Americans. Obama officially became a hero, an icon, a people’s champion to their eyes.

Still, this was not the reason Obama became so endearing to millennials. His relationship with Michelle and his trying to be a good husband and father are traits we only so often see in some really, really great men in our lives.

Stories of him and Michelle are rampant on the internet. Their pictures, so loving and so cute, have always been a trending topic. For a generation whose relationships last for weeks or months, seeing the world’s most powerful man adoring his wife is a breath of fresh air.

Alas, here is a man whose power does not define him. Perhaps, the most vital Barack Obama facts we can look back to in these long years is that he is a man so ordinary in his beliefs and values that he has become extraordinary.

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