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Myriads of Americans Find a Gay Rights Crusader in Barack Obama

Restoration of faith in humanity found its true essence when same-sex marriage became legal in America. Gay rights found its true champion that day.

As Barack Obama recalls that profound moment one night in June 2015, when the White House was lit in rainbow colors representing gay pride, he was proud too. He saw some significant success in overcoming a perilous social stigma surrounding the gay rights which no President before him dare tread on. Not to mention the backlash he came to face. Looking back to the build up so far to that night, it was nothing short of a bumpy road for him.

Gay Rights: Through the Years

Obama became the 44th President of USA in 2009 on a resolute note to uphold the LGBT rights. However, the political spectrum didn’t allow him to do much. At least, not to the extent he would have liked. No sooner than the beginning of 2011, he gave green signal for the inclusion of gays in the military.

After voicing his concern towards the security of LGBT globally, he became a staunch crusader for their rights. In the light of Joe Biden’s endorsement for the same-sex marriages, Obama set the ball rolling. His administration took back their backing on marriage act, subsequently paving way for the historic Supreme court verdict.

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On an eventful June night, the White House was lit with the rainbow colors celebrating the historic verdict. Obama, on the other hand, was the one who took a lot of comfort in it. He went on record a few days later in a rather colloquial way by referring to the moment as ‘pretty cool’!

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The Aftermath, Legacy

Due to the recent political upheaval, gay rights movement is on a precarious note, needless to say. Donald Trump, apart from already being a republican, has indifference towards the cause. This has naturally brought apprehensions in the community too. LGBT members are beginning to feel the void left by Obama.

Under the circumstances, it’s safe to hope that the developments so far is subject to no change. Hate crimes are on the rise too. For it’s worth, Obama steps down and with that takes down hope for the LGBT community.

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