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Alone This Christmas: Chefs, Emergency Services and Other Unsung Heroes

During Christmas, you enjoy a dinner with friends and family, a party with your co-workers, and an intimate dinner with your partner. Have you ever thought about the people who are serving you the food? The chefs, servers, bartenders? They are all alone this Christmas because they have to make sure you’re enjoying yours.

There are a lot of people who will have to spend the Christmas not in the comfort of their homes, but in the stressful environments of a mall, a restaurant, a hospital, a military facility, among others. They have to put their work ahead of their own families. They have to prioritize others before their own wants.

Alone this Christmas: The retail and restaurant industry

There are not enough superlatives to describe the way retail and restaurant workers abhor the holiday season. Aside from having to be alone this Christmas, they also have to deal with annoying customers and suffer from terrible tips. While you shop all-month long, they have to make sure that the meals are well-cooked and there are new stocks for every pair of shoes in the world.

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Alone This Christmas

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And yet, we easily get annoyed at them when they forget to pick our tab or when they spill a drop of water on our table. We get easily irritated at a mall cashier who seems slow in scanning the items in your basket. We scoff at the Starbucks barista who’s making our coffee.

Perhaps, we can take the time to smile at them or thank these people for the service. It would actually be kind of a reward for them to hear someone praising their work. Not many customers would do that for these unsung heroes.

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Hospital workers are the real heroes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, if the world is going crazy because Apple drops the prices for its MacBook, or America has been bombed (knock on wood), hospital workers will remain right where they are because that is their duty, their calling. You would barely see a doctor or a nurse enjoying a Christmas dinner or shopping in malls. They are usually in the hospitals, manning the place where you would be if you an accident ever befell you.

If you are ever feeling blue this Christmas just because you don’t have the money to buy a new pair of shoes, just think about those who have to be alone this Christmas because of their jobs. There is probably nothing lonelier or more depressing than that. And yet, they do it for us.

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