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How To Achieve The Perfect KPop Look

Korean stars are known for their stunning visuals and fresh, dewy makeup. Its popularity has taken over the hearts of many beauty gurus. The KPop look has inspired many beauty trends around the world, particularly the “No Makeup” makeup.

Many beauty gurus have given tips and tricks on how to look like a KPop star. Even Korean celebrities have provided tutorials on how a person can achieve their makeup look. Check out these pointers that can help turn you into a Korean Pop star!

The KPop Look Breakdown

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Ever wonder why Koreans look so dewy and youthful? It’s because they value skincare! There are women whose skincare routine consists of only cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Korean women, on the other hand, have more than three steps in their routine! Some can reach up to 16 steps but it can be broken down into seven: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, essence, emulsion, sheet mask, and moisturizer. Most of these products are hydrating and nourishes the skin, which makes the face glow.


BB Creams or CC Creams are the way to go if you’re aiming for a KPop look. Blending is also the key, because the main goal is to make it look like you are not wearing a lot of makeup. However, there are also stars that use foundation like former SNSD member Jessica and SISTAR’s Bora.

KPop stars are also known for rocking cat eyeliners. But for an everyday look, many just put a thin line on top of their eyelids using a pencil. Eyebrows are usually kept straight with minimal arch, similar to Audrey Hepburn’s. And for mascara, a formula that offers volume instead of length is your best bet. Natural-looking false lashes or corner lashes are also encouraged.

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Blush is also a must. In her video with Vogue, Jessica used a peach color for a “natural glow” as she put it. Korean makeup guru Pony used a pink lipstick as her blush in one of her makeup tutorials. Cream blushes can be used because they offer a more natural look compared to the ones in powder formula.

As for the lips, moisturize it with a lip balm first before applying lipstick. Gradient lips are one of the trends recently. To achieve it, apply lipstick on the center of the lips. Use a brush to blend the color outwards then apply lip balm to add gleam to the lips. Set your makeup with a setting spray and you’re good to go!

Because Experimenting With Looks is Fun

Contrary to popular belief, any look, even the KPop look, can take a lot of time to accomplish. There are others who find it easier to create a smoky, dramatic look compared to a natural, fresh-faced one! That’s because it takes time to blend the products to make sure they’re well incorporated in the skin. Feel free to grab your makeup and experiment with different looks to find what works best for you!

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