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5 Unconventional Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Like with birthdays and Christmas, giving gifts on Valentine’s Day can be a little repetitive. Avoid being predictable by giving your significant other unconventional gifts! Because, to be honest, restaurant dinners, flowers, and chocolates are getting cliche already. Check out this list for gifts that can spice up your love life again!

Unconventional Gifts: Bye, Bouquet Of Roses!

Make An Alternative Bouquet

Yes, a bouquet of flowers is a traditional gift to your significant other and there’s just something romantic about them. Substituting roses for another flower won’t cut it so try to find something else to put into your bouquet. For example, you can give a bouquet filled with your boo’s favorite candy. Or better yet, make a cupcake bouquet. There are plenty of tutorials that can teach you how to make one. If you lack the baking skills, grab some paper and make origami flowers instead. Compared to real flowers, they will not wilt, just like your love.

Breakfast…In Bed

One of the surest ways to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. And what better way to start Valentine’s day than with a hearty breakfast in bed? If you are tired with the standard waffles and eggs, search for breakfast items all over the world that you can incorporate in your meal with your significant other. And maybe after eating, the two of you can cuddle all day long while watching your favorite movies.

Give Massages

Nothing can relax more than a good massage. You two don’t need to go to a spa for a massage, but if that’s what you want then go ahead. Invest in body oils then light up scented candles to set up the mood once you give your loved one a massage. If you prefer something more simple, try a scalp massager. It’s like a cousin of the kitchen whisk but it will give your scalp one of the best massages ever.

Personalized Coupons

Make your own coupon book then give it to your partner on Valentine’s Day! You can fill our your coupon book with freebies that you can give any time your partner requests it. Or you can get free printable coupons from various websites like I Heart Naptime and Homemade Gifts Made Easy. What’s so great about them is they are some of the unconventional gifts that can be used at any time of the year!

Invent Drinks For Each Other

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Making drinks for your partner is touching and can show off your kitchen skills. Why not try inventing drinks for each other? Go to your kitchen then grab whatever ingredients you can find to make a cocktail or mocktail for your significant other. If you want to make it more fun, challenge each other by setting up a time limit when preparing the drinks. When you are done, name the drink after your loved one. Whoever makes the best-tasting drink will get a prize from the loser.

Stop Being Unpredictable

Unconventional gifts are a big help in spicing up a couple’s relationship. Try out these ideas and see if they will make your Valentine’s Day with your boo better than the previous one!

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