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6 KPop Songs Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is more than a week away and maybe you are busy planning on how to spend it. There are plenty of songs that can represent your feelings on Feb. 14. Whether you are a single but romantic at heart or in a relationship, these KPop songs are perfect for you.

Love is one of the most common topic in songs. Check out these KPop tracks that you can listen to on Valentine’s day alone or with your significant other!

KPop Songs For Valentine’s Day

Love Letter by VIXX

Let KPop’s Concept Kings serenade you with this powerful ballad! This track is featured in VIXX’ first mini-album Hyde and the repackaged version Jekyll. Get carried away by the smooth melody, especially when main vocalists Ken and Leo hit those high notes. The song is all about a man who expressed his feelings for a woman thru a letter.

Notable lyrics: Thank you so much for waiting for me till the end/ For looking at me without shaking/ Lean on me, believe in my love/ Let’s be together for always, forever

Loving U by SISTAR

This peppy tune will definitely have you dancing, especially at the chorus part. SISTAR sings about a woman who is finally experiencing first love. Lose yourself in the strong, pop beats and go check out SISTAR’s dance practice video for this track so you can follow along!

Notable lyrics: I’ve never been like this before/ Whenever I see you, my heart pounds and trembles/ When I see your face, I imagine things by myself/ I can’t keep a straight face – I’m going crazy/ Because I miss you again

Good Luck by BEAST

Fresh from a breakup on Valentine’s Day and need good KPop songs to let it all out? Then move on with BEAST’s Good Luck! This song does not wish an ill-fate towards an ex-lover, but rather happiness. Revenge is sweet but karma will do its thing anyway so it’s best if you move on and carry on with your life.

Notable lyrics: Baby, good luck to you/ No matter who you meet/ You better be as happy as the amount of pain you’ve left me with.

KPop Songs For Nostalgia’s Sake…

Into Your World by EXO

This sweet ballad by EXO is all about an angel who gave up his immortality because he fell in love with a mortal woman. It can be a good wedding song because of the deep love Into Your World conveys. Plus, the song has a Korean and Mandarin version and EXO is still OT12 in this song. So go ahead, let EXO swoon you with their vocals while you take a trip down memory lane of their OT12 days.

Notable lyrics: My wings have been taken away (oh no)/ Even if I lost eternal life, the reason why I’m happy/ Is because my forever is now you/ Eternally love

Heaven by Ailee

Power vocal Ailee’s first single has a powerful message about thanking one’s love. In this song, the woman is very grateful to her significant other for letting her experience true love, calling him her “heaven”. The music video is worth watching as well. Not only does it feature BEAST’s Kikwang but the story will definitely move the viewer to tears!

Notable lyrics: You’re the only one babe/ You taught me love in this harsh world/ I am happy with you alone.

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