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6 Introvert Myths That Should Be Debunked Already

Being an introvert can be tricky, especially in a society where being an extrovert is glorified. But don’t worry; there are a million introverts who are sharing the same struggle! Getting labelled as one can put a person in a certain category. And like with anything else, there are introvert myths that must be forgotten already because they have no truth to them.

Thankfully, there are articles around the internet that can help others understand people who are introverted. Check out these 6 myths about introverts that are worthy of a thousand eye-rolls.

6 Common Introvert Myths That Are Not True At All

Introverts are shy

Shy people are hesitant to socialize but introverts are not. Introverts feel tired after socializing because the act can drain their energy. Shy people, on the other hand, feel queasy and frustrated when interacting whether by group or face-to-face. People who are introverted don’t make small talk because they prefer deep conversations. A shy person is often uncomfortable expressing himself and prefer other people to start the conversation.

Introverts don’t know how to have fun

This is 200% not true. Introverts do know how to have fun–they just do it in their own way. They usually have fun in quiet places like their homes or with nature. Curled up in bed with a good book or binge watching movies is already considered fun for introverts. It’s important to remember that they are not thrill seekers, so what they do for recreation and relaxation may not be as fun as what extroverts do.

Being introverted means you’re weird

Weird is a little mean. Introverts are more of individualists. They don’t follow what’s popular among the people. That’s because they have a deeper way of thinking, which can challenge the norm. An introvert’s decisions are often based on what they think for themselves, not on what is trending.

Introverts prefer to be alone

Contrary to popular belief, introverts do crave the company of other people. It’s true that they are very comfortable with their thoughts, thinking, and daydreaming. Introverts can be content being alone in his or her own house because that helps him or her recharge. However, they also like to spend time with other people. And these people are the ones they value deeply and have formed a connection with.

Introverts are silent

This is one of the introvert myths that should no longer exist. Introverts talk if they have something in mind. They just don’t like small talk and blabbering about random things.

If you want an introvert to talk, start a conversation about something interesting to them. Watch how a quiet introvert can light up and talk with intense passion!

Introverts can convert themselves into extroverts

Introverts don’t need to change their attitude just to be accepted by the world. According to Carl King, a world with no introverts will have only a few musicians, artists, poets, writers, and philosophers. They deserve respect for who they are and there are a lot of ways how extroverts can interact with introverts.

Introvert? Be Proud!

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. Despite the introvert myths, being one is nothing to be shy about. Many movies have shown that an introvert can change into the popular, attractive extrovert. But introverts don’t need a makeover to become interesting or even be loud. They are amazing as they are.

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