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5 Signs That Show He Doesn’t Like You Anymore

There’s nothing more exasperating in the world than trying to figure out if he doesn’t like you anymore. One day, he’s constantly texting you and asking about your day. The next day, he doesn’t text at all or when he does, he hardly listened to what you’re saying.

It’s usually very easy to say if a guy is interested or not. Mostly, the clue is when you’re wondering about it, then he’s probably not. Usually, guys are pretty obvious when they like a certain girl.

He Doesn’t Like You If He’s Not Around You

If he doesn’t like you, he will make ways not to be around you. He will make excuses when you say you need him to accompany you to something. He will be busy every time you call or text.

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In very simple terms, he would be almost non-existent in your world. It doesn’t really feel like he’s making it seem that way, but you’ll notice the difference when he makes an effort on something but not on you.

He Doesn’t Ask About Yourself

When a guy is really interested in you, he would ask about your day, your work, your hobbies, your friends, etc. He cannot wait to get to know you more because he’s judging if you have something in common with him.

You will easily notice if he’s not interested because he won’t be asking anything about your or your work. He’s absolutely zoning out when you share information about yourself.

He Is Not Focused On You

His general behavior and his body language will tell a lot about how he feels. If he’s avoiding eye contact, not engaging in the conversation, and maintaining distance from you, then he’s not interested in you.

If you also notice that he just nods and answers monotonously at your questions, that’s another sign you should let go of this guy. He’s clearly not into you.

He’s Always Busy

If a guy likes you, he would schedule a date immediately after the last one. No workload is big enough for a guy who wants to spend time with you. The term “I’m busy” is not applicable for people who really like each other.

He will make time for you if you have caught his attention. This is just one of the few obvious things about guys.

He Seems To Be Interested, But Then Not

If you can’t tell if he doesn’t like you or he likes you, that’s a pretty good indication that he doesn’t. Guys are too obvious when they like someone. So, if he’s acting like he’s not, then that’s your signal.

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