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5 Self Motivation Pep Talks as You Head to 2017

The year 2016 is bowing out soon- with a couple of days left, many would be reminiscing about how the year went. Christmas get together, New Year parties, are all being planned along with New Year Resolutions. While some seem raring to embrace 2017, others could use a bit of self motivation.

When the environment is festive one feels the need to catch up with the pace of others. Sometimes a little bit of self motivation helps the one who doesn’t feel so upbeat about life. As you head to the New Year, make it worth the while to give yourself some pep talks. Here are some that could help:

  1. Embrace what 2017 has for you!

It could turn out to be a year of uncertainties- no one knows what lies ahead! The best thing is to embrace the coming year for all that it has! Embrace victories as much as failures- celebrate small victories, learn from failures. No matter what life throws your way, embrace the strength inside you to face whatever it is.

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  1. Let Go Off Bitterness

It helps to keep toxic stuff or toxic people away from life. If 2016 hasn’t been kind, let it go and look with fresh zeal towards 2017. Sometimes belting out “Let it Go” helps. Find new favorites, new hobbies, new to do list! Keep one thing away from the list- Toxicity.

  1. Forgive

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It gets difficult to forgive sometimes-not sometimes, most times! A popular saying goes “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” It is liberating to let some things be forgiven and find strength to build on the new.

  1. Talk Good About Yourself

It is so easy to give a compliment to others. But talk about looking into a mirror and say a few good things about yourself- nah, it’s not easy! Practice saying good things about yourself- You are capable, you are strong, you are important!

  1. The Triple S Strategy

Share-Seek-Surround- Life can be hard sometimes- much hard when there is no one around. When it gets tricky and lonely, there is no wrong in seeking help. Sharing and seeking help is paramount to be in the path of self motivation. Surrounding oneself with people who see the greatness inside of you will surely be a great step towards ensuring a better tomorrow.

Cheers to 2017- embrace the new!

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