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Millennials, Stop These 5 Annoying Social Media Habits Now

Social media habits are important to retain friends and add more to your already brimming list. However, if you happen to notice that you have been losing followers and friends, you may be doing things that are annoying them.

Annoying habits differ from person to person. But, there are generally bad habits millennials are doing all the time that make friends and followers back away from them. Whether you’re annoyed by hashtags, bad grammar, or those humble brags posts, one thing is for sure—you’re not alone.

Social Media Habits: Bad Grammar

This is especially bad if you have a business to run. Bad grammar is a big no-no as social media habits because there are so many tools out there to help you with it. Although putting a 140-character tweet is challenging, that’s not an excuse enough for bad grammar.

Social Media HabitsPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of ememe ibanez

Edit and review your post before publishing it. Nothing is more annoying that bad grammar and wrong spelling.

Hashtag Overload

Hashtags are mean to help make a topic trend. It’s not there to describe your varying emotions or to denote sarcasm. You are simply defying the role of hashtags when you cram as many hashtags as you can in your post. Two or four hashtags are acceptable, so that your post can provide context.

Humble Brag

Ever have a friend that posts a photo of her coffee only to show that her Louis Vuitton bag was somehow sitting right beside the cup? There’s probably nothing more annoying on earth than a person who uses humility to brag. Example: “Need this cup of coffee. So tired with work. *sad face emoji*”

Then, why is your Oakley sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bag beside your coffee? I don’t get it, man.


From time to time, it’s okay to post a photo of yourself, especially if you’re feeling extra pretty or handsome that day. But if you post a selfie every hour of every day, there’s seriously something wrong with you. People don’t go to social media to see all angles of yourself every day, okay?


Don’t we all have a friend who posts lengthy cry-me-a-river posts only to say she doesn’t want to talk about it when you comment? Well, we don’t seriously get why you have to post all the drama in the world if you don’t want to talk about it. What’s the point?

This is one of those social media habits that doesn’t make sense at all.

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