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5 Anime Characters You’d Want As Your Siblings

In every anime, there are certain anime characters that people can relate to. Many anime enthusiasts have felt that and wished that the character is his or her sibling. That character could be cool or super protective of his or her peers, which amazed the viewers. If you are someone who wants an amazing oniisan or oneesan, then check out this list of great anime siblings!

Anime Characters As Part Of Your Family

Okumura Twins from Ao No Exorcist 

Rin and Yukio Okumura may be the sons of Satan but their similarities to the demon ends there. Although they are fraternal twins, Rin and Yukio have completely different personalities. For one, Rin is more immature than Yukio, despite being older than the latter. Despite that, Rin is very loyal and will beat up anyone who messes with the people he values. He is also a good cook, so if you are feeling down, he can whip you up a delicious sukiyaki to comfort you!

Yukio, on the other hand, is the quiet and calm brother of Rin. He’s more mature and looks at things in a deeper perspective. He may have mood swings because of lack of sleep but this genius will be able to help you with your homework. That is, if you don’t make fun of his moles.

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

The laid-back mage of Fairy Tail is one of the coolest brotherly figures from Hiro Mashima’s hit manga series. Why? Because Gray is an ice devil slayer (no pun intended). He is very concerned of the people he cares about and will do anything to get them out of harm’s way. And when the summer is unbearable, he can frost the entire house so that the two of you won’t feel the heat. Just don’t mind his stripping habit, which can be strange in some circumstances.

Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Many fans consider Son Goku as everyone’s big brother, especially during the peak of Dragon Ball Z’s popularity. He is also considered as one of the most popular anime characters ever. If he is not in Super Saiyan mode, Goku is a cheerful and happy-go-lucky person. He has this special effect of making people kinder, like Piccolo and Krillin. His innocence can be endearing, too. And if you’re in trouble, he always has your back. Just remember to take cover when he is fighting in Super Saiyan mode so you won’t get hit by debris.

Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

Although she is extremely strict and disciplined on duty, Riza Hawkeye has shown a soft side. This comes out whenever she is around her pet Shiba Inu and people younger than her, like the Elric brothers. Her sense of humor when off duty is not bad too. Riza is the type of oneesan who will nag you to finish your homework before you goof off. She is the epitome of tough love, which will help her sibling grow and mature as a person.

Nana Osaki from Nana

Who wouldn’t love Nana Osaki for a sister? She may look cool and intimidating with her punk-goth fashion but she’s actually a strong individual with a heart of gold. Despite her dark background, Nana managed to move forward and achieve her dream as a singer. Her determination and humor can make her a good model for her siblings.

Okay, they are just fictional…

Yes, anime characters only exist in shows and the manga that they originated from. Still, many of them possess characteristics that are ideal as siblings. So go ahead, use your imagination and feel free to dive into the fictional world where they are a part of your family!

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