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3 Things That Happen When You Settle For ‘Love’

They say look for someone who loves you and you won’t be needing anything else. Love is enough. It should be enough. Or is it? Should it be?

As we all know, there is no exact definition of love. But one thing is for sure, to settle for love is not as romantic as it sounds. Unless you are truly sure about the person you want to settle with, the life you want to have with this person, or the time you’re the most ready to settle down — settling down for love can be a nightmare you can’t easily wake up from.

Here are three things that can happen when you settle for love with the wrong person and at the wrong time.

To Settle For Love Means Changing Your Priorities

Did you want to travel all over the world, but somehow needed to settle for love because you are being pressured to? There are lots of people who will feel society’s pressure for them to settle down. After all, being single at 35 isn’t normal for most adults—they want to see you make the same decisions they have before.

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But, when you do settle for love, you’re basically changing the priorities you have set for yourself since your teens. You will have to share responsibilities and share goals with the other person. Thereby, it will leave your priorities behind.

To Settle For Love Means Losing The Opportunity To Find True Love

To settle, because you have to stay in the relationship (for whatever reason) is not what many people would call love.

In the beginning, you may be content. You are with the the person for a reason, after all. You’re not just in love with him.  This is not that of a big deal right? Wrong. What happens when you two are facing troubles and you need to hang on and depend on each other to work through it?

When you settle for someone who you are unsure is the right person for you but you think loves you anyway, you’re losing the chance to meet someone else. Someone who will love you and you will love in return! While leaving a “safe” relationship is a gamble that can lead to dire consequences, there are also stories that will surprise you.

For every miserable story of finding love, there’s another one whose holding off got paid with a love story like no other. It’s not always a sad story, and people do find the loves of their lives. But if you settle down with someone you are not in love with, you will lose sight of that person.

To Settle For ‘Love Means Embracing A Life You May Not Want

When you look at a person, do you see the life you may live with him? The right person should make you see beyond what you both have now. He should make you imagine the live you two could be living once you’re together.

If you settle for love just because you’re pressured to do so or feel like there’s not going to be anyone else, then you may not be ready for the life in store for you. You will go with the flow, sure, but would you be contented and happy? Is it going to be the life you want for the years ahead?

These three things should be enough to warn you against settling. Don’t settle, go for who you want, what you want, and when you want it.

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