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2017 Happiness Goals: Benefits of Being Single

There is nothing bad in feeling a little envious when one of your friends is on the road to marriage. But there is nothing bad being single. Some may view it as a sad, lonely life (“It’s not ‘Valentine’s Day’, it’s ‘Single Awareness Day'”), but there are a lot of perks of not being in a relationship. Maybe you miss the companionship, but for your 2017 happiness goals, maybe being single is a blessing.

However, having a partner does have its own set of advantages. One, you can have someone to rely on when things get rough. And having someone to cuddle with is not a bad idea, either. Single-hood can be enjoyed too! Check out these physical and mental benefits of being single.

2017 Happiness Goals: Why Being Single is Great

Better Sleep During The Night

Bedtime cuddles and pillow talks are nice. But a partner who tosses and turns? Now, that is not nice. Studies showed that a partner’s sleep habits can disturb the other’s sleep patterns. Snoring, sleep walking, different bedtime patterns and flailing can cause the other to wake up and have trouble falling asleep again. Although there is this thing called “adjusting to your partner”, being single also means you don’t lose the benefits of a complete rest.

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Travel On A Whim

Single people have the freedom to go on a trip whenever and wherever they want. Those who are in a relationship don’t get to do that since there will be conflicts like hurt feelings from the other party. Feel free to go overseas or visit a place you’ve never gone to before. Many people also claim that traveling alone is one of the best experiences ever so go have fun!


Being single person can make you rely on one person: YOU. It’s great to have a partner who can help you through whatever problem you’re having. But if you’re single, there are high chances you know how to handle all of the stress and mishaps in your life. You can go through them and you might be proud that you did it on your own. So what if you don’t have a love in your life?

The Freedom to do Whatever You Want

A relationship usually suffers if it’s not taken care of. Again, being in a relationship means adjusting to your partner. It’s not always a bad thing (because of love, duh) but it can also sacrifice your “me” time. You can stay up as late as you want or go party with your friends whenever you want. Self-care is also important for one’s happiness, which can be misinterpreted as “breaking up” when in a relationship.

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Be Happy You’re Single: 2017 Happiness Goals

Being single is not something to be ashamed of. So what if you’re the odd one out among your married friends? Learn to maximize your single-hood so you can enjoy life to the fullest before settling down. Also being single can teach you how to love the most important person in your life: yourself.

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