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2017 Creative Goals: 6 New Hobbies That You Should Try Out

2017 is here and it is time for everyone to try out new things in life. It can be new food, go to places you’ve never been to, or take up on a new hobby. A hobby can be anything, really. It can be as adventurous as hiking or as quiet as origami. For those with 2017 Creative Goals, this list will be perfect for you.

Finding something that can be a hobby can take time. The key to finding a hobby is determining how much you enjoyed doing it. Take a look at these hobbies that can bring out your inner creativity whether you are in or out of your house.

New Indoor Hobbies for Your 2017 Creative Goals

Screenshot from the video "How To DIY Modern Calligraphy" from the YouTube channel of Carter Sams

Screenshot from the video “How To DIY Modern Calligraphy” from the YouTube channel of Carter Sams

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Did you wonder how those people managed to bring a pattern to life with all those vibrant threads and x-shaped marks? Cross-stitch may seem complicated but it is not! Well, it may be difficult if you started with a pattern as elaborate as Da Vinci’s Last Supper. But there are actually patterns that are very easy! Not sure where to start? There are many cross stitch guides and pattern generators on the internet. Just find one that you think will be easy enough for you to make before moving on to the more difficult ones.


If you are someone who wants to copy those fancy schmancy handwriting, then taking up calligraphy as a hobby may be ideal for you. Who doesn’t feel amazed every time they see penmanship that is reminiscent of an ancient powerful era? Dipping the old-fashioned pen in ink can give you a trip down memory lane, when the founding people of a nation were still alive. Check out this blog post that gives tips and tricks for calligraphy beginners!

Paper Flowers

Everyone can appreciate flowers. The petals come in pretty colors and sometimes they come in alluring scents perfect for any person. Paper flowers, on the other hand, are great for those who are not confident with their plant-skills. Like with cross stitches, there are complicated designs and then there are those that are so easy you can make them using cupcake liners. Practice makes perfect–and before you know it, you are making paper flowers to decorate your house or a friend’s party! The blog It’s Always Autumn features a collection of easy paper flowers that are great for beginners.

Coloring Books

Kids are not the only ones allowed to color. In fact, CNN revealed that coloring has therapeutic benefits both in mind and body. Coloring is a relaxing activity and it improves the hand-eye coordination. Go ahead and grab any coloring material, paper, and feel free to unleash your creativity with all of those colors!

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Outdoor Hobbies For Your 2017 Creative Goals


Succulents are the ideal plants to grow if you are a beginner gardener. They are sturdy and don’t require a lot of water and sunlight. They are also great to brighten up a home, especially if you are going for a minimalist look. Succulents also come in a variety of colors and there are also some that can produce flowers. In addition to that, these plants look really good as centerpieces whether at home or on special occasions.


You don’t need expensive equipment to make documentaries. A good, reliable camera can do the trick. You can go out and take pictures to compile in a scrapbook. Or you can also record everything then store them in a flash disk for you to reminisce later or share with friends and family.

Did any of these hobbies make it in your 2017 creative goals?

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