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Yuri on Ice Episode 7 Spoilers: Title, Short Summary Revealed, Georgi Popovich’s Program to Follow Dracula’s Story

Yuri on Ice episode 7 spoilers preview teased the episode’s title and short summary. Likewise, Viktor Nikiforov’s former rival Georgi Popovich hinted his next program.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoiler for Yuri on Ice episode 6 and 7. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.

Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki leave for China in the previous episode. When Yuri and his coach arrived, Viktor’s former colleagues flocked over the legendary skater.

Upon seeing Katsuki, Christophe Giacometti teased him saying that having Vicktor to himself is a grave sin. Because of this, Yuri became restless, feeling the pressure on his shoulder.

Katsuki needed to do something that would surpass everything  he had done  until that moment. Yuri wanted Viktor’s fans to hate him for owning Viktor.

And so Yuri stepped onto the stage. But before Katsuki started his performance, Viktor demanded Yuri to seduce him again with his “Eros.”

Yuri was more determined than he was in Japan. Viktor noticed that and it showed as Katsuki perfected all his stunts.

The crowd was impressed with Yuri’s program. And thus, Katsuki earned a 100+ points. In the later end, Yuri reigned at first place.

Viktor’s former rival Georgi Popovich ended up  second while the American skater Leo de la Iglesia was third in the competition.

Phichit came fourth, followed by Christophe Giacometti at fifth. Guang-Hong Ji land at the sixth place.

In Yuri on Ice episode 7 spoilers preview on YouTube, Viktor is again pressuring Yuri. Since Katsuki won the first-half of the competition, Viktor believed that his student will definitely nail the next half.

Moreover, there were teases of Christophe and Phichit’s costumes for their next program. These two seemed to have interchanged their styles.

In previous episode, Christophe wore light clothes, something that will make him shine on stage. But in episode 7, Christophe will go dark and red.

As for Phichit, he wore dark themed costume last time. Yet, in the next episode, the skater from Thailand will wear a white and royal blue costume.

In line with these, Yuri on Ice episode 7 spoilers revealed the second placer’s possible theme for his next program. From the looks of it, Georgi Popovich will portray Dracula in the upcoming event.

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